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Found 2 results

  1. After 3 weeks fermenting and 4 weeks bottled, I chilled a couple bottles of my first ever batch. It was an American Classic Light and was damn good a bit malty had a nice head and light golden in color. It will be a hit with my son who will like that I used the LBK Mr. Beer kit he got me for Christmas. Anybody else tried this?
  2. I got a Mr. Beer set several years ago and set it aside. Since I finished grad school I have decided I wanted to give it a try. I checked my refills and the oldest is a WCPA with best by date in 2012. The other three are 2013. I decided to order new refills so the quality will be on me and not an expired product. I started my first batch yesterday. Got the 2014 Autumn ESB in the LBK before supper and put it in a dark corner of the basement lightly wrapped with towels, leaving the top uncovered for venting. Checked it this morning and the head space of the LBK was over half full of foam. I am assuming this is a good sign. Plan to let it ferment for 3 weeks, then bottle condition at least 4 weeks. Wish me luck as this is my first endeavor. I plan to do an American Lager or CAL next for summer refreshment. If all goes well I may break out one of my expired refills and give it a whirl. I figure, its paid for, what have I got to lose?
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