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Found 4 results

  1. These are pretty cool if you ask me, and trying to quantify 19 aroma attributes + 3 flavors in a specialty malt would be a fun job at BSG.
  2. My American light beer is almost done fermenting(checking again in 3 days). I want to make something similar to Bud Light with lime, becasue many people I know love Bud Light with lime. How can I do this without ruining the beer, and make it taste most like Bud light with lime? Thanks
  3. Hello guys, I'm fermenting my second batch of beer (Oktoberfest with LME/DME) and 2.5 weeks into the fermentation process. I just sampled the Ocktoberfest in the fermenter, and have a few questions. I was surprised the beer was smooth, and almost "light' in its flavor. I expected a darker beer to have much more bitterness, and a bold, full-flavor. My beer tastes like a light beer, with a wheat smoothness. Is this normal? Will the flavor change during the conditioning process? I have been holding fermenter around 68*, and I used spring water. I appreciate everybody's advice. Thanks Zane
  4. So I have the hard cider brew kit I got for Xmas. Its been sitting for a week and I can't tell if its ready. I tasted it and it doesn't have a lot of flavor. There's still foam on top and its pretty cloudy yet. Theres also a bunch of crap on the bottom... Should I let it sit another week? Maybe stir it first? Help! Thanks!
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