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Found 2 results

  1. Made a 10 gallon batch of stout months ago. 5 gallons was kegged and consumed, 5 gallons had 2 oz of cocoa nibs added at dry hopping which were soaked in vodka for 3 weeks. The 5 gallons of cocoa Stout is still hanging around cuz I can't drink it. It's not undrinkable, I just can't drink it, if that makes sense. No matter what PSI I set the regulator at, it SPRAYS out of the keg, like violently. So I bleed the CO2, set the PSI super low and it doesn't matter, it's always foam. I checked to make sure the ins and out are hooked up correctly, it's all correct. This has been sitting in my keezer for a few months now like this. I pull the tap, 90% foam, 10% beer, if that. All the other taps work perfectly. That 10% of beer tastes fine. It tastes like someone took it and ran it through a blender, but it doesn't taste diseased. I checked the keg for leaks, it all looks good. I hooked up a different beer to that tap, tap works fine. to eliminate the keezer all together last night I took that keg and put it in the kegerator and tried the picnic tap, all foam. What's kinda funny is it was foam for approx 3 seconds, then just beer. Stop the pour and I could see the beer in the line all turn to foam. Start another pour, all foam, then all beer. Whats weird about this this is that the keg seems to carb it self. I'll set the PSI to 10 and it'll spray out as if I have it set to 30. The problem has to be the keg i set this down two days ago, purged my tank and walked away. Today I walked downstairs and poured, it sprayed like crazy. It carbs itself... 😷 🍻
  2. first time brewing , I did an Aztec brew and did not get the foamy head that I think I should have, actually didn't get one at all. I have good carbonation and the brew tastes good. what did I do wrong if anything?
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