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Found 1 result

  1. American Smooth Honey Ale ------------------------- Brewer: Style: Classic American Pilsner Batch: 2.20 galExtract Characteristics --------------- Recipe Gravity: 1.052 OG Recipe Bitterness: 36 IBU Recipe Color: 3° SRM Estimated FG: 1.013 Alcohol by Volume: 5.0% Alcohol by Weight: 3.9% Ingredients ----------- Honey 0.75 lb, Sugar, Other Mr. Beer BrewMax Smooth - LME 0.56 lb, Extract, Extract Mr. Beer/Coopers Classic American Light1.87 lb, Extract, Extract Falconers Flight 7c's- Aroma - Strong Fruit and citrus with layers of spicy nd earthty overtones1.00 oz, Pellet, 10 minutes Mr. Beer/Coopers Classic American Light1.00 oz, Pellet, 5 minutes Saaz (Czech) - Noble hop variety. Very spicy, cinnamon-like and earthy. recommended for Bohemian Pilsners and German and American Lagers0.50 oz, Pellet, 20 minutes Safale S-05 Dry Ale Yeast 1.00 unit, Yeast, American: Temperature Range: 59°-75° F 11.5 GRAMS Notes ----- Recipe Notes: Batch Notes: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Might try this one out tomorrow. I have all these ingredients on hand. Its a lot of 7c's but I need to get rid of them before they go bad, not worth a freezer bag. I have a booster laying around too but I think Ill hold off. This is CAL from a kit I found at Target for $12. How does it look?
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