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Found 7 results

  1. Brewed the following today, kind of a variation/experiment on the Horse's Ass Ale recipe: CAL + Booster 1/2 cup honey 1 oz Cluster Hops (steeped for two minutes) We'll see how it goes! Kevin
  2. I have three batches going right now ; Dads Favorite Cream Ale, Naughty Cream Ale and Horses Ass Cream Ale. I added a tbs of vanilla to the batch of Dads Favorite Cream Ale and am using the 3-3-3 rule. It is 1 week in the icebox. The Naughty Cream Ale is in 2nd week of carbonation, didn't add anything to this batch and will be doing 3-3-6. Lastly I have Horses Ass Cream Ale in fermenting on 2nd week. I added a tbs of cinnamon(probably to much) and 2 cups of honey and doing 3-3-3 batch. I'm sure all these batches would have been great without me adding things, but these partial mashes really made me want to experiment. I also added 2 oz of carapils. I bought all these recipes for next to nothing thx to Mr Beers great deals. Discount recipes with free shipping !!! I will post pics and post my screw ups and hopefully successes . THANKS MR BEER !
  3. This past summer when I first began using Mr. Beer, I had a Goose Island IPA and was hoping to try to replicate that in some fashion. Well, I'm not sure it's as good as Goose Island, but it's not too far off, imo. I basically took the Horse's Ass Ale recipe and just included 1oz of Centennial hops and 1 lemon zest. I tried it this past weekend after it conditioned for 26 days and was really impressed. Kinda tastes like a "light" IPA. Poured light copper, a slight hoppy/lemon-y aroma, a little bit of lacing left along the glass. Just a thin head remains throughout. Crisp, dry finish, honey and lemon taste are both very subtle. Really enjoyable -- and very basic recipe to make.
  4. For my 5th homebrew I took the Horse's Ass Ale recipe and added 1oz of Columbus Hops. I liked the Horse's Ass Ale - it was slightly hoppy and the honey taste came through nicely, but I was looking to increase the hoppiness and add a grapefruit taste to it. The 1oz of Columbus Hops did EXACTLY what I wanted it to do and this came out excellent! It's my favorite so far. 3 weeks fermentation; 4 weeks conditioned. Not a bad looking brew if I do say so myself.
  5. From the album: Brews

    I tweaked the Horse's Ass Ale recipe by adding 1oz of Columbus Hops and I think this is my favorite home brew yet. Malty, slightly sweety, a hint of grapefruit, a hint of honey. Delicious.
  6. Hi Guys/Gals, I am into my first batch and studied many of the posts here about adding honey and sugar to the mix. I read a lot of negative things about sugar fruit and the like during the forminting process. I am using american light with 1 booster with no sugars or fruit additives. Hopps were considered but like many have posted keep it simple. My concern was to add honey @ bottling time or during the forminting process, High Klausen is extended here (right). Anyway, I was going to add honey for a few bottles and stay with the bottling tabs for carbonation. to try a flavor diference. Is the hydrometer the same that is used in automotive applications or is there a food grade device used instead? Any thoughts, Thanks
  7. Hello Mr.Beer world this is my first post. I am on the wagon of people who got Mr.Beer's LBK for christmas (at a freaking amazing price) I have always been interested in brewing and I understood that most use HMA syrup as a base to their beers. Well jumping to my first question (assuming all my terminolgy has been correct) do I even need to use HME or can I use a UME only? Basically, I am asking if you HAVE to use hops in beer? Sorry, ancestors but it seems that HAVING to use hops really kills the ability to experiment. So that was question 1, now question 2. I understand LBK doesn't have an airlock but does that mean I can NOT make wine's or honey mead using my LBK? 3. What is a booster? I know it adds alcohol but what is it? Its not sugar. 4. When calculating malt to adjunct do you inculde boosters and if so is it a simple 2/3 ratio? 2 cups/ounces/pounds/tons of malt per 1 cups/ounces/pounds/tons of adjunct or is it more complicated than that? 5. last but most important, can I add bacon falvor to my beer? Sorry for asking questions that have probably been answered 1 million and 3/4 times.
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