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Found 4 results

  1. Longtime follower of the forums, first time poster... Anyways, I'm brewing a copycat (it's out of stock) American Resolution Hazy IPA and have a few questions. I want to brew this with Galaxy and Citra (and maybe Cashmere) and would like to add them as a dry-hop addition. I'm not exactly sure which days I should add the hops to the LBK and in what combination/order? Any help is appreciated.
  2. From the album: Brews But Not Home Brews

    My second favorite SN brew aside from the Beer Camp 2015 Hoppy Lager.
  3. I decided to try making a hop extract after trying some Sierra Nevada "Hop Hunter" which utilized a steam collected hop extract. I put 1 oz. of Equinox hops in 750 ml of vodka and let it sit in the dark for 2.5 weeks. I would check on it and swirl it once every day or so. The result at the end was pretty startling. The aroma of the hops came out intensely. Equinox has a citrus aroma and to the blind nose the extract smells like orange juice. After straining into a brown bottle I poured myself a teaspoon of the chartreuse colored tincture and it was mouth-puckeringly bitter. So I have to say that this experiment worked out well. Now I just have to figure out how best to use it for a dry-hop replacement (most likely at bottling time). It should take only a small amount to work.
  4. From the album: Squeegeethree

    2.5 weeks of Equinox hops in 750ml of vodka. Kept in the dark and shaken when I felt like it. Intense hop aroma and mouth puckering bitterness. I will use sparingly instead of my dry hop for my next batch
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