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Found 3 results

  1. Brewing the Golden Empire. 12 days brewing, 64-68*F. Did a taste, it as a golden color, tasted beery and bitter. Is the coloring on top from the El Dorado hops? Is it infected ?
  2. I cold crashed my Helles for the past 2 days. I see there are floating brown items on the top of the LBK. Is this infected? How to tell and what to do if it is?
  3. I just got a kit for Christmas from my wife and I'm really excited about making my own beer. So I'm going to get to it real quick. First timer here. I did everything according to the instructions, even placing my LBK in a cooler to control the temp and let it have complete darkness. Saturday was the 2 week mark and when I opened it I saw what looks like oregano floating at the top. Today I checked it and it has not changed. I've sampled it and it has a sour taste to it, but not to much of a "sour apple or vinegar" taste, but it is on the sour side. There's the white solid stuff at the bottom of the LBK and it kind looks like it's also accumulated at the top on the sides. I've read that it's possible the yeast is, "cleaning up after the party". But I'm not sure what is going on?? So as a first timer in the home brewing world, I'm asking for some guidance and help! Heres a picture of what I'm talking about.
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