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Found 1 result

  1. So I brewed an IPL, pitched at 60 and stuck it in my chamber around 57. One W34/70 lager packet 11.5 grams, unproofed. Patiently waited for bubbles in my airlock but I saw non after 3 days so I quick ordered another yeast packet. Brought the temp of my fridge back up to 60. Day 5 my yeast arrives and I run downstairs to pitch it and I see my airlock bubbles and then bubbles again. I'm like "well now what?" So I pitch it anyways figuring I should've used two in the first place so I may as well finally send in my yeast reinforcements. That night, no bubbles. Next day, no bubbles, two days later, no bubbles. Now I'm sitting at 8 days fermenting with only one quick glimpse that something is actually happening. I was gonna take a hydro reading but I'm sure I'll be sitting around my OG so why waste my time. I dont know know what to do. Just wait it out? I thought about just throwing an 05 packet in it, raising my temp and praying for the best. Maybe rack it to another bucket and repitch / pitch 05? It's like nothing is happening. It's a partial mash recipe so I know I have sugars to be eaten. Maybe I should just take my reading and go from there. Major sad face over here.
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