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Found 12 results

  1. I recently purchased the "May the Schwarz Bier With You" before noticing that it is a lager that uses S-23 lager yeast. I cannot lager at this time since I am still using the ice chest method for fermenting only. What would be the effect if I used a US-05 yeast and brewed it as an ale? The recipe is the Bohem Czech Pils, robust LME and Saaz hops. Any experienced opinions out there?
  2. I've been wondering what to do with an expired HME so I milled some grain and brewed up a Doppelbock for next Spring: Doppelmunder Import 2014 Summer Seasonal Dortmunder Export (best before March, 2016) Booster, ½ pack Pilsen malt, 4 oz. Munich Type I, 4 oz. Special B, 4 oz. CaraMunich Type II, 3 oz Carafa Special II (dehusked), 2 oz. Hersbrucker, 1 oz. 10-min. boil Mangrove Jack's M84 Bohemian Lager yeast OG was 1.074
  3. Can't get to Munich for Oktoberfest, so I am looking for ideas for brewing a simple partial-mash Munich Dunkel instead. This is as far as I have gotten w/Qbrew: Munich Dunkel Style: Munich Dunkel Brewer: Bonsai & Brew Brewer Batch 2.13 gal Recipe Gravity: 1.053 OG Estimated FG: 1.013 FG Recipe Bitterness: 24 IBU Alcohol by Volume: 5.1% Recipe Color: 23° SRM Alcohol by Weight: 4.0% Ingredients 0.39 lb Mr. Beer Booster Sugar (half-pack) 0.13 lb Weyermann CaraRed 0.25 lb Weyermann Munich Type II 0.19 lb Weyermann Carafa Special II 0.55 lb Mr. Beer BrewMax Pale - LME 1.87 lb Mr. Beer Octoberfest Lager 1.00 oz Hallertauer (Germany) Pellet 7 minutes Saflager W-34/70 Weihenstephan Yeast Temperature Range: 48°-59° F Recipe Notes: Ferment at lager temp. of 55 °F. Maybe add an ounce or two of Chocolate malt?
  4. I received the e-mail about this recipe today and have already added it to my "To Buy" list. I'm glad I got the fermenting fridge I did and have the capability to easily do lagers now. I just need to knock a few more recipes that I have on hand out and then I'm going to do a few lagers.
  5. Alright, so im currently fermenting my cerveza lager right now in the primary. Recipe is written to make me believe they want me to secondary in my keg. Though i guess i see no reason not to, i just wanted to see what y'all thought. Every lager ive done has been lagered in a carboy. Id rather just rack it once rather than twice.
  6. I just got my first refill from Mr. Beer. I am ready to start my second brew, while the first one is carbonating. I would like to know if there are differences between how you brew a lager (my second brew) and an ale (my first brew). The kit came with instructions, the refill doesn't. The Oktoberfest refill came with the can of lager with the yeast under the cover and Brewmax LME softpack, which I assume you treat as a booster. So here are some questions: Do I need any other ingredients? Is the process (mix, ferment, cold crash and carbonate) the same as for the instructions I had for the ale? I read that the yeast acts differently in a lager, the yeast stays on the bottom and ferments at cooler temperatures? Does fermenting take longer? From the instructions, American ale doesn't seem to require conditioning, Is this true of Oktoberfest, too?
  7. Talked about it for awhile now and I finally am at a point where it make sense to try lagers. Brewing at my house and my buddys so I deemed his house the Ale House and mine the Lager House. Just wanted to discuss some things to make sure I fully understand what to do. This is me talking through this, and by talking I mean typing... duh. This is for at least a 5 gallon batch. Not wasting my time for a 2 gallon lager batch. Step One - Make a yeast starter, never done one before but Im sure I can manage one. Need the yeast to be at max potential, You need Iron Man, not just Tony Starks Step Two - Brew. Do everything in my power for a clear beer. Irish Moss / whirlfloc and a proper cold break are a must. Step Three - Pitch yeast between 60 and 65 for maximum yeast activity and then bring it down to the ideal temp for the strain of yeast. Step Four - After about 7-10 days raise up to 62 degrees for a diactyl rest which will last 3 days. 7-10 days may vary, ideally when yeast is still active but on the tail end of fermentation. Approx 75% to FG goal. The DR makes the yeast eat the undesirable chemicals they produced during fermentation. Step Five - Rack into Secondary. Should be around 62 degrees, then lower to 35 degrees dropping 5 degrees every day. Could drop at a quicker pace however lagers take time and you may as well just be patient. Dont want to shock the yeast. Step Six - Lager. Lager as close to freezing without actually freezing. 35 is cool. Lager for 6-8 weeks for a 1.060 OG beer. Good rule of thumb is 1 week per every 8-10 points of OG. ie. 1.040 would be 4 weeks, 1.050 would be approx 5 weeks etc. Step Seven - Bottle that Batch. Your yeast has been so well dropped out of suspension that you will need to add new yeast when bottling. Sounds like a lot of work but if you batch prime its no big deal. Boil your priming solution as normal and when it gets down to an acceptable temp then add about 1/3 package (11.5 gram) of a clean Ale yeast like Safale US-04 or Nottingham. Start siphoning lager into your bottling bucket and add priming / yeast solution shortly after starting siphoning. Bottle like normal. Step Eight - Condition. Now youve got ale yeast in action so condition at approx 63 degrees for at least 2 weeks. Refrigerate and drink three days later when the CO2 is absorbed. Takes about 10 weeks by my calculation. Thats only 3 more weeks than an ale. Theres a reason why Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light, Busch Light, and every other mainstream commercial beer sells so damn well. They are lagers. They are crisp, clean and well carbed. Totally worth the extra 3 weeks. At least thats what Im going to keep telling myself. This is only realistic with a temp controller. I have a separate digital temp controller and a fridge dedicated to lagers. Changing the set point of the temp controller is easy, waiting is the hard part. Sound good? Anything I missed? I like bocks and maibocks and especially kellerbier. Totally worth my extra time
  8. So I brewed an IPL, pitched at 60 and stuck it in my chamber around 57. One W34/70 lager packet 11.5 grams, unproofed. Patiently waited for bubbles in my airlock but I saw non after 3 days so I quick ordered another yeast packet. Brought the temp of my fridge back up to 60. Day 5 my yeast arrives and I run downstairs to pitch it and I see my airlock bubbles and then bubbles again. I'm like "well now what?" So I pitch it anyways figuring I should've used two in the first place so I may as well finally send in my yeast reinforcements. That night, no bubbles. Next day, no bubbles, two days later, no bubbles. Now I'm sitting at 8 days fermenting with only one quick glimpse that something is actually happening. I was gonna take a hydro reading but I'm sure I'll be sitting around my OG so why waste my time. I dont know know what to do. Just wait it out? I thought about just throwing an 05 packet in it, raising my temp and praying for the best. Maybe rack it to another bucket and repitch / pitch 05? It's like nothing is happening. It's a partial mash recipe so I know I have sugars to be eaten. Maybe I should just take my reading and go from there. Major sad face over here.
  9. We are releasing a new Partial Mash Oktoberfest Lager just in time for the fall season. This full-bodied, malty Oktoberfest is probably the closest we have to a true german-style Marzen Oktoberfest Lager. With bready malts and just enough hop balance, I think you guys that go for the maltier beers are going to really enjoy this one. It is on sale for only $30! Cheers! http://www.mrbeer.com/hot-deals/zombie-fest-lager
  10. I'm sure most of you know our CSR, @MRB Tim. One of his favorite beers is Anchor Steam Lager so he wanted to clone it. While this beer didn't come out exactly like an Anchor Steam, it's still pretty damn close. We did a taste test during our employee "Thirsty Thursday" tastings, and everyone loved this beer (this is rare). It's a great representation of the California Common (aka, "steam beer") style. We substituted the traditional Northern Brewer hops with Hallertau due to availability, but both hops are very similar and, in this recipe, they are intended mostly for balance rather than flavor. But if you wish to go traditional, it won't hurt to use NB hops instead. Using a lager yeast at ale temps, this beer is easy to brew in the summer, but it can be enjoyed year-round. I highly recommend this recipe if you're a fan of California Common type lagers like Anchor Steam. Get yours here: Foggy Days California Common Cheers!
  11. Hiyas! With the recommendation of JoshR, I'm creating a log of all my all-grain, lager conversions to Mr. Beer HME recipes that I'm going to be working on over the next 6 months to a year. While MB does have a really nice selection of beer recipes, they're mostly ales. I've made pretty much all of the lager recipes already (some multiple times!). So I wanted to expand/explore that vast array of lager styles and I hope you enjoy my "Trek." Currently conditioning: Jamaica Mon with S-23 Mad Ludwig's Marzen Uncle Monkey's Dunkel and Uncle Monkey's Dunkel with 1 cup maple syrup and 1/4 granulated sugar (experimental upgrade) In the LBK: Turncoat IPL (first India Pale Lager; really excited!) Stella Clone (euro pale lager) Harp's Clone (euro pale lager) Black Smoke on the Lager (dark american lager) Later this evening, I will post the QBrew print out of the recipes that I created using MB's ingredients.
  12. Has anyone tried this recipe? I was looking to make a vienna lager from scratch but then I found this and seems on par.
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