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Found 2 results

  1. My second batch, the Winter Dark Ale, is about ready to bottle. I had some questions on this though - A. How long to "lager" this beer? Some of the Winter Dark Ale recipes say to give it a few months of lagering/conditioning - but I didn't see anything on the recipe directions that came with it. B. Regardless, if a beer will be kept longer in the bottles, either for conditioning or just over time, which is better to use - the PET bottles or glass bottles? I can do either, I have both. I was reading in a brewing book that PET is not good for keeping beer for long durations. Thanks for the feedback in advance. Michael
  2. All: I'm new to home brewing. I understand the basic difference between lagers and ales. If I am understanding correctly though, "lagering" a beer is done after bottling and in an extremely cold place like a refrigerator? Is that correct? However, how do you do lagering at home? Just finishing up the fermenting of my first batch of the beer that came with the kit. Anticipating that I want to make more beer, I placed on order online for more supplies and chose the Auld Dubliner Oatmeal Stout recipe. I love oatmeal stouts. However, after I placed the order I noticed that it says to lager for 2-4 MONTHS. How and where am I going to have to do this? I don't have a dedicated room or refrigerator for home brewing. Any advice or suggestions? I hope I didn't make a mistake. Michael
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