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Found 40 results

  1. Hey, I am new to brewing and the forum my wife bought a MB LBK for my birthday. I have brewed one batch which turned out ok, not as carbonated as I had hoped, but not bad. My big question is, a friend of mine has offered to give me a 2.5 gallon keg for free. Can I use this with a 2 gal. batch and still have adequate carbonation? Rodeohard
  2. What are advantages and disadvantages of the various fermenters Mr. Beer sells? Right now I have 4 LBKs and one of the vertical 2G Fermenters. I am intrigued by the conical fermenter. I can see the size and space benefits of the LBK, particularly when used in a fridge for temp control. And I see the advantage of the vertical 2G fermenter. What makes the fastfermenter appealing? If there is a blog post or somewhere else this has already been discussed, I would appreciate it!
  3. Apparently I shouldn't have had that second beer while brewing! I made a brewing mistake and I wonder if there is anything to do to fix it. 18 hours ago I finished my Calavara Chile Stout and pitched the yeast. I neglected to add water to bring the level in the LBK to line 2 before adding the yeast. So I would say I am 4 - 6 cups low on water. What are my options here? I figure I can: - leave it as is and have less but stronger beer; or - add cold water now to level it to line 2; or - boil up some water and let it cool to say 100 degrees and then add it. What say you, oh wise brewers? Thanks!
  4. I brewed Klondike Gold yesterday, The instructions confuse me a bit. At one point it says to ferment for 14 days, at another point it says 3 weeks. Which is it? http://www.mrbeer.com/klondike-gold-recipe
  5. Got my MB kit today. Super excited to get started! I think Sunday will be the day I start brewing. Found a Coleman cooler I had that's the perfect size, and I can store it at the bottom of my pantry PROPPED UP! Fits like a glove :-)
  6. Suspect I'm not the first one to run into this, but while I see a few threads saying you really should make sure you remove and clean the spigot and rubber washer, nothing that shows how to easily do so. I may have overtightened a bit as I wanted to make sure there were no leaks. Have gotten it pretty clean, but can't seem to get the nut and the main assembly to let go of each other. Thought about a wrench, but the angle from the top to where the spigot is doesn't seem to make that possible. Or is there a long necked wrench you can use for this? Any tips other than buy another LBK?
  7. Several weeks ago, I made the St. Patrick's Irish Stout Deluxe Kit in my LBK. However, after things began fermenting a couple of hours later, the entire contents began to leak and make a REAL mess. It was annoying having to clean everything up and throw everything out. So, I thought I'd use a regular 5-gallon fermenting bucket with an airlock next time. And, boy did this help! The krausen rose to over the 3-gallon mark, but the bucket held everything. No mess! I then racked the fermented brew off the yeast into my clean and sanitized LBK and used that as my bottling bucket. It worked great! So, now I just use my own fermenting bucket and the LBK as my bottling bucket with great success. Anyone else out there with leaks or messes should give this method a try.
  8. Hello Everyone I am brand new to home brewing and while i have just brewed and started fermenting my first batch i can't help but feel like most first time brewers. I have started an inch that i cannot stop. i have been browsing through the forums quite often in the past few days learning as much as i can about this new hobby of mine. While i know that trial, error and much studying will get me through these first few brews, i have a few questions. 1st Question Right now it is currently about 76 degrees in the room that i have my LBK, the first batch that i am brewing is the basic Long Play IPA. I quickly realized from reading through the forums that this is probably to warm for optimum brewing so i have a cooler on the way to get the temp down. Any suggestions to keep the temp down for the next few days while i wait on my cooler to arrive? Have i botched my first batch or am i still good? 2nd Question I plan to purchase a 6g Fermentor. What are some suggestions on keeping a fermentor of that size at the right temperature, does anybody have any pictures or quick explanations of their 6g setups? Basically, what is the best set up for someone that is really interested in continuing this new found exciting hobby, i find myself wanting to somewhat be a perfectionist in an area i don't know much about but am trying to learn as much as possible.
  9. I just brewed a Black Beer'd Porter! And this time I added all the water to the batch! LOL! You can see the hop boil portion of the brew here. I printed instructions and checked off steps as I went. I *did* however, drink beer while making beer. :-)
  10. On recco of @MRB Josh R bought and brewed a Calvera Chile Stout. My wife likes to make Mole so we had chiles on hand. Should be nicely conditioned for day of the dead 2017! Showing pic of cocoa nibs and Chile peppers prior to addition to the mash.
  11. My partial mash of Sir Kennth Blonde Ale has turned out great! Lovely lemony taste in a beer that brews clean. I am really having great success with partial mash recipes from Mr. Beer! Thanks for taking the time to create these for us @MRB Josh R and others at Mr. Beer!
  12. Batch number 14 and this is my first partial mash recipe! I brewed the El Gordito Mexican Lager and I am looking forward to trying it when it is ready (around the 4th of July I would guess!). It did take longer than just an extract or extract and LME batch but it did feel more like making beer and less "easy-bake-oven" than some of the simpler recipes! I'll let everyone know how it turns out!
  13. I picked up a dusty LBK and some old Mr Beer bottles from my brother who has since evolved his brew making towards full grain!
  14. I have tried several Mr. Beer recipies and am starting to get good results. I just tried a tapped into two well conditioned Klondike Gold and Long Play IPAs yesterday and they came out great! One thing I notice about all my Mr. Beer recipes is that the finished beer comes out on the darker side. The lightest I am seeing is about the copper color of a Sam Adams. (NW Ale, Long Play IPA, Klondike Gold) Many go much darker, even to a coca cola color (Diablo IPA, Vodoo Ale). Do any Mr. Beer recipes brew lighter in color? Any sample photos you have would help here.
  15. After 3 weeks fermenting and 4 weeks bottled, I chilled a couple bottles of my first ever batch. It was an American Classic Light and was damn good a bit malty had a nice head and light golden in color. It will be a hit with my son who will like that I used the LBK Mr. Beer kit he got me for Christmas. Anybody else tried this?
  16. Hello Mr Beer Community - Would anyone care to offer advice on the expected lifespan of an LBK? The first fermenter I began with appears to be unable to hold a viable seal on a spigot. I have tried replacing the washers on the original spigot and, when that failed, I replaced the spigot assembly with a brand-new unit. Still the damnable leakage was present when testing it with water. That said, I have had previous success when placing a #10 O-ring (3/4-inch) on the interior portion of the spigot prior to tightening everything in place. This time, however, there seems to be no bringing it back to brewing effectiveness. Do LBKs eventually wear out? This unit has produced 15-20 batches (30 to 40 gallons), so I bear it no malice -- indeed, it has my unending gratitude. And, yes, they are $10 to replace, so I probably sound like an authentic cheap bastard for inquiring about the matter. Still, I'm sentimental about the old girl and might enshrine it somewhere out on a shelf in the garage if its days have come to an end. All thoughts and observations are appreciated. Too, hats off to all the contributors here -- what a great hobby and pastime we share. The history of humankind is intertwined with its ability to brew beer. For all the BS we deal with on a daily basis, Mr Beer is a welcomed port of colorful characters, interesting stories, friendly people and helpful brewers. Cheers . Rick60
  17. I am looking for a smallish fridge I could pick up at Lowes or Home Depot to put an LBK in for temperature controlled recipes and also a place to fridge condition bottled beer. Family fridge is getting *too* small for my hobby, LOL! Any recommendations?
  18. I've bottled 6 batches using the LBK and a bottling wand. In two instances, the tubing has let go at the spigot end connected to the LBK. Any tips on keeping in on there? I periodically check through the bottling process but a tug on the tubing can cause it to let go at the spigot. My wife / brew helper is not too keen on brew spilling on hard wood kitchen floor. :-( Bottling activities may be relegated to the basement! :-)
  19. I'm also a new brewer. Got an IPA kit for Christmas and ordered my bottles From Mr Brew through Amazon. Anyway I see all these abbreviations and I don't have any idea what they mean in all these posts. Is there an explanation somewhere and does anyone have some unprinted advice from their experience? Thanks.
  20. I have a new and older design LBK now and I have to say I appreciate the refinements in the new LBK. My first kit was a gift and came with the classic light extract and an "old" LBK. When I say "old", I mean the one that comes with a white lid and white spout, and by "new" I mean the one with black lid and black spout. (I guess there is even a newer spout now!)' The biggest benefit I see is that the brown plastic that makes up the new LBK is more transparent than the old one so it is easier to tell what is going on with the beer in the keg. Even without a flashlight, I can see what is going on. I assume the brown color of the plastic does enough to keep the light out. Thanks to whoever designed the improvement to the LBK!
  21. Hey All, So my second batch is fermenting right now, but I want to be all ready when bottling comes around. Question for you guys: Do most of you just bottle straight out of the LBK using the spigot with a wand or do a lot of people use a separate bottling bucket/siphon etc? My fear is that the sediment will flow out if just using the spigot on the LBK, which happened to me on my first batch. If a wand solves this issue, I plan on picking one up before bottling anyways. I guess overall....I'm just looking for the best way to reduce sediment in the bottles. Any input would be great! Thanks, BrewBert
  22. From the album: First attempts

    The second Porter I cracked on day 10.
  23. Awaiting the 3 week mark anxiously! My porter's gravity plateaued at 1.006FG by day 8; trying to hold out on bottling for the next 10 days (on day 11 now). Got cider going too, day 4 in ferm. Feel like a need just one more LBK or perhaps a 5gal so I can brew once a week and always have something to bottle and condition...
  24. From the album: First attempts

    My first setup, an old and new LBK side by side. On the we have a Chocolate Porter and the right, apple cider.
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