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Found 3 results

  1. For anyone that still has 2014 Seasonal ESBs to brew, I partial-mashed a barrel-aged Old Ale using treacle, oak and Port wine.? Port Barrel-Aged Old Ale 2014 Autumn Seasonal ESB, best before May 2016 Muntons Amber DME, 0.5 lb. Lyle's Black treacle, 0.25 lb. Marris Otter 2-row, 6 oz. Flaked Barley, 4 oz. Chateau Special B, 2 oz. Simpsons Chocolate Malt, 2 oz. Bramling Cross (U.K.) 20 min. boil East Kent Goldings (U.K.) 10 min. boil Fermentis Safale S-04 American Light Toast Oak chips infused with Port wine for a couple weeks, then added to primary after 7 days. OG was 1.074
  2. Asking for help collaboration on crafting an English-style Barleywine using the Mr. Beer Seasonal ESB (best before May 2016), Pale LME, and a mini-mash. I've pretty much figured out the grain bill: Maris otter, CaraMunich I, Caramel 60, Special B, and maybe a little Melanoidin malt, but that's about as far as I've gotten. Hops and yeast still need work. Why should I have all the fun?
  3. Again, I'll blame @HoppySmile! for bragging up the Innis & Gunn oak-aged beers, and all the homebrewers that have gone before while 'tinkering with the Winter Dark Ale.' In any case, this recipe used up my last WDA so I thought that I may as well go big.? Rum, Smoke & Oak UK Dark Ale Winter Dark Ale Craft HME, best before Jan. 2017 Malting Co. of Ireland 2-row, 1.0 lb. Simpsons Chocolate malt, 0.13 lb. Chateau Special B, 0.13 lb. Weyermann CaraRed, 0.25 lb. Briess Smoked Cherrywood malt, 0.25 lb. Styrian Goldings, 0.25 oz. 20 min. Styrian Goldings, 0.5 oz. @ flame-out Rum-soaked light oak chips, added following primary fermentation Mangrove Jack's UK Dark Ale yeast Mash grains @ 154 F for 60 min. 'Batch sparge' @ 170 for 5 or 6 min. 35 min. boil. Add WDA @ f/o. OG TBD SRM 39 IBU 52 ?
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