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Found 11 results

  1. Well, after about a dozen Mr Beer recipes, I'm starting to get disheartened. I've made all sorts of recipes that are different flavoured using all sorts of different hops, yeast, water and adjuncts. Every batch I've made, they all have a very similar taste. Some more bitter than others, but similar. My sanitation is good. I ferment for the recommended duration. I pitch my yeast at about 65-68F. I ferment at between 62-68F.... and every batch I've made has the same 'twangy' flavour as the batch before, regardless of which hop or yeast I use..... Don't get me wrong, they have tasted quite good, but virtually the same.... fruity/metallic, I don't quite know how to quantify it. Now don't go and tell me I've fermented too warm, because I have THREE ways of monitoring temps. Stick on aquarium type, remote weather station type, and infra red gun style. I now believe 'the twang is real', partial mashes or not. I think I'll do an all grain BIAB next to compare the taste... I also recently got a mini fridge, maybe I'll try a pilsner/lager. Thoughts???
  2. Hi all, I grabbed a cheap Oktoberfest kit online recently, but I definitely want to add a malt extract to it. In my first few attempts, all of my beers, no matter the style, have had the same sort of weak and "generic" taste to them. I did add a DME to my last batch of Canadian Blonde ale, and while it was noticeably better, it was still there. So my primary goal is to attain a full-bodied flavor and avoid that weak taste, and along with giving the beer plenty of fermentation time and keeping it the right temperature, I think the malt extract will be a big help again. Since I am making an Oktoberfest, I am guessing that the "Smooth" extract is the one that would best suit that style - is that correct? My only other question is if there is a strong preference for using DME over LME. The DME was a bit of a pain for a beginner like me, and I hear that the only thing different about the LME is that it might make the beer a tad darker - which I think I want anyway for this one. Unfortunately I am paying twice as much in shipping as I am for the actual LME packet, but I don't think there's any avoiding it. I essentially got the rest of the kit for free, so oh well. Thanks for your help in advance!
  3. I was looking for a basic list of ingredients for a beginner to start to brew without just "adding water".... like a list of easily available yeasts, then a list of available LME's and DME's, and a list of common, and then not so common hops... This would be like "mix and match"....(at your own peril, mind you) and it would be a great way for a new brewer to get their feet wet and experiment. I know there are tonnes of recipes, but this is a way to experiment and learn in the process..
  4. Hey guys.... I'm doing the Howling red ale recipe, and instead of using the Brewmax softpack, I bought a Briess golden light LME cannister. Since this cannister is really large, my question is how much would I use to equate to the original recipe? Would the softpack be more concentrated? I can't find anything that would tell me it's different. I won't use the whole cannister, but using only 1/5 of it seems wrong too. Thanks
  5. Looking to start another batch of beer this weekend. In my recent batch of goodies from Mr. Beer I bought some LME's pale, golden and robust along with some booster packs. As I understand you never boil the canned HME's. I have thought that I read somewhere on here that you CAN boil LME's and boosters. Is there a time limit as to how long you can boil them ? I read that when first dissolving booster to do it with cool/cold water and get it to completely dissolve first. Was thinking of doing a boil and adding 1/2 oz. of hops to the boil for like 10 minutes to get enhanced hop aroma and a bit of flavor before adding the Northwest pale ale HME after flame off along with adding 1/2 oz of same hop for about 7 days for dry hop before bottling. Comments on the boiling of the booster and LME's. Thanks
  6. I'm also a new brewer. Got an IPA kit for Christmas and ordered my bottles From Mr Brew through Amazon. Anyway I see all these abbreviations and I don't have any idea what they mean in all these posts. Is there an explanation somewhere and does anyone have some unprinted advice from their experience? Thanks.
  7. I am about to start my third batch and wanted to play around a bit. While the kits that don't include lme pouches seem to brew fine, all the recipes that add fruit or other spices call for them. I guess I am wondering what the result is in omitting the lme. Only because I am still a rookie and not looking to add another 12 bucks to my next batch as it will likely be a disaster anyway! I plan to use them in the future, but I am unsure what their necessity is in the process. Thanks for reading!
  8. Is there a recipe using no HME? Maybe mixing two different LMEs and tossing some hops in?? Looking to make a malty beer with around 15-25ibu
  9. I just got done tasting the 2013 Winter Seasonal, the Belgian Spiced Ale. That was a really delicious beer and i already ordered another one. I wanted to add a LME to the next batch but not sure which one would go best with this one. Anyone thinking about brewing this should jump on it ASAP if they like a good tast spiced ale, kind of like a Sam Adams Cold Snap. Thanks for any advice
  10. I noticed on the recipes and directions that it just says to bring to a boil and remove from the heat. In one of the books that I've picked up on home brewing, the author talks about boiling the LME/Wort for about 45 minutes. Is there a certain boil time that is recommended for the Mr Beer recipes? Michael
  11. I bought an LBK a while back, and brewed the American Light that came with it. I followed the MR. BEER included instructions TO A TEE (correct temperature and sanitizing while brewing, ideal ferment temp and time, exact amount carbo drops and ideal carbo temp and time). I chilled the beers in the fridge for two weeks, like it says to do. It was after tasting my almost unenjoyable "liquid bread" that I figured it was just because it was American Light (light beers are a waste of hops) and there must be a reason they toss this kind in with your kit as a 'freebie'.. So I looked online and found a bunch of awesome sounding refill kits and didn't hesitate to order some beers that I myself would buy at The Beer Store (you guys in Ontario will know what I'm talking about). I received them yesterday and am anxious to get some more brewing today. I got Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner, Diablo IPA, American Ale, Northwest Pale Ale, Pale BrewMax LME SoftPack, along with a Professional Bottling System. ANYWAY, long story short.. Some cans are bigger than others. Can I use them all in my LBK, or do I need to split into two batches, or get a bigger fermenter?
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