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Found 2 results

  1. Essentially utilizing an expired can of CAL (Classic American Light, for the uninitiated) as LME, I overwrote its profile and brewed a mini-mash Doppelbock. Calvator Doppelbock Classic American Light HME, best before Aug. 2016 BrewMax Smooth LME Weyermann Light Munich, 1.0 lb. Weyermann Vienna, 0.4 lb. Weyermann CaraAroma, 0.15 lb. Weyermann Melanoidin malt, 0.15 lb. Weyermann Carafa Special Type 2, 0.1 lb. Mr. Beer Crystal 60, 4 oz. Perle, 8.3% AA for 30 min. of the 60 min. boil Spalter Select, 3.1% AA for 20 min. Hallertau Mittelfruh and German Tettnang, 0.5 oz. ea. @ flame-out Saflager W-34/70 lager yeast Mash grains @ 154 F for 60 min. Batch sparge/mash-out @ 170 F for 10 min. Combine runnings. Add Smooth LME. Begin 60 min. boil. Add CAL @ flame-out. Chill wort by any means necessary. Make to vol. in LBK. Pitch lager yeast and ferment @ 55 F. Vital statistics TBD Cheers!?
  2. I brewed this Saturday after giving @Creeps McLane and @HoppySmile!'s saison ideas much thought. This ended up being a Boulevard Tank 7 X More Cowbell mini-mash hybrid, with a couple of my own ideas thrown in for fun. Thanks guys!? Weyermann Pilsner, 2 lbs. Weyermann Vienna, 0.35 lbs. Flaked Wheat, 0.35 lb. Flaked Corn, 0.6 lb. Gambrinus Honey malt, 0.17 lb. Weyermann CaraBelge, 0.17 lb. Weyermann Acidulated malt, 0.17 lb. SD Sweet Clover honey, 0.75 lb. Mr. Beer BrewMax Golden LME, 1.1 lbs. Magnum, 0.25 oz., 60 min. Calypso, 0.3 oz., 15 min. Styrian Goldings, 0.25 oz., 7 min. Hallertau Mittelfruh, 0.5 oz. @ flame-out Danstar Belle Saison yeast 90 minute stepped mash starting @ 146 F for 50 min. ending with a 168 F mash-out. 60 min. boil OG per hydrometer was 1.080 +/- (Is it me, or are these experimental recipes starting to get just a little complicated?) See you in 18-21 days!
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