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Found 14 results

  1. I'm a newbie, so forgive me for my dumb question. But in the attached photo, what's the difference between carbonation and bottle conditioning? What are the exact steps I need to take after fermentation? Do I just bottle with priming sugar and wait 5 weeks total? Or is there a step before actually bottling that is needed? Thanks!
  2. I have added a cup and a half of honey into a recipe from Mr. Beer and my question is when I go to bottle my beer should I adjust the amount of sugar I use to prime my beer? The beer will be going into 12oz long neck glass bottles and according to Mr. Beer I should use 3/4 teaspoons of priming sugar for each bottle. Should I cut that amount down because of the added honey or just use the recommendation from Mr. Beer. Thanks for any help.
  3. As a newbie I want to get it right. So i was wondering if anyone have any advise about temperature control. What about just putting it in a fridge? I know it's a dumb question but why not? Thank You in advanced!!
  4. My first attempt at brewing left a lot to be desired. The American Lager fame out horrendous, though I have been letting a few bottles age out of curiosity, and the last one I tasted was slightly better than I remember, but still seems off. My second batch I controlled the temperature much better during fermentation, was extra clean. I used a standard Weissbier refill and boiled 1 ounce of Cascade hops for 5 minutes before adding the HME to make the wort, hoping for a slight citrusy touch from the hops (they were given to me, didn't want to waste them). Bottle conditioned for 4 weeks, and just tried my first bottle. It's drinkable, has a slight molasses smell, and a little bit of sourness to it. Not flavored that much like a wheat. Is that sourness normal? Did something sneak into my brew despite my extreme attempts at sanitation. Will it condition out more? Thing is I'm a fan of sours, lambics, gosse. Even recently returned from a trip to Europe where I tried some great beers in Belgium. Doesn't stack to those flavors at all, but I'm not particularly put off by a bit of sour. I'll let it age awhile more before trying another bottle. Time will tell. I wonder though if something did sneak in, does that mean my LBK might be difficult to use for standard recipes now? I read that when you brew sours intentionally, it's best to not reuse the gear for standard recipes? Either way. At least it's drinkable this time. Next up is a Long Play IPA, and I plan to do it straight with no additions.
  5. My first brew is ready for drinking. It is the American Ale. I fermented 3 weeks, cold crashed 3 days, conditioned 3 weeks and refrigerated 3 days. My results are a bit mixed. The last bottle I filled was only a partial fill and I guessed wrong about the sugar needed, it tasted kind of like cider. I had one bottle that the top didn't seal right, so it was flat. It tasted OK, so I drank it any way. I tried a third bottle. I would not normally consume 60+ ozs of beer at a time, but this was purely in the interest of science. It has a pleasant, but very light taste. I prefer something a bit more robust. It could have used a bit more carbonation. I moved my second brew to a place that is a little warmer, during fermenting and conditioning. On the whole, I don't think it was too bad for a first try. It turned out waaay better than some of my cooking disasters. I made things that would make spies give away secrets!
  6. I just got my first refill from Mr. Beer. I am ready to start my second brew, while the first one is carbonating. I would like to know if there are differences between how you brew a lager (my second brew) and an ale (my first brew). The kit came with instructions, the refill doesn't. The Oktoberfest refill came with the can of lager with the yeast under the cover and Brewmax LME softpack, which I assume you treat as a booster. So here are some questions: Do I need any other ingredients? Is the process (mix, ferment, cold crash and carbonate) the same as for the instructions I had for the ale? I read that the yeast acts differently in a lager, the yeast stays on the bottom and ferments at cooler temperatures? Does fermenting take longer? From the instructions, American ale doesn't seem to require conditioning, Is this true of Oktoberfest, too?
  7. Hi all. I'm new to this brewing thing and was wondering what the low end temperature in my fermentation area can be and still get good results? Main reason for asking is that my house temp varies from day to night as the furnace runs different from day 70 deg. to night 62deg. Will proper fermentation still take place? Also is a hydrometer necessary? I would like to do a couple batches before investing more money into a hobby that may not be my thing. Thanks for any help.
  8. Hi all, First of all I would like to thank all the great users of the forum who in the past helped me out with my first attempts to brew. Yesterday I had my first sip to the Abbey Dubbel that I made and it was amazing! I got it 3 weeks in the LBK, then 6 weeks in bottle and then the "famous" three days in the fridge: beautiful. I want now to try a partial mash of a recipe that I found on the internet for a Belgian Dark Strong Ale that I would like to drink next Christmas. It is a recipe for a 5 gal batch but I divided everything by two and this are the new specs: OG: 1.076 0.5 lb Belgian Pils, 0.75 lbs Bohemian Dark, 2 oz C-120, 1 oz Blackprinz. Mash at 152F for 60 minutes Add 3,75 lbs Pilsen LME to boil and increase bittering hops to 0.62 oz. Ferment with Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity I have two questions: 1) The liquid pack yeast that I got has written on it that is designed for 5 GAL, do I have to use half of it? Over pitching could be a big problem for this high gravity recipe? 2) How much water do I need for the mash? How many cups? Thanks for the help!
  9. Good evening everyone. I have a newbie question, I would like to brew an Oberon-like beer. This is the link to the recipe for a 5 gallon batch.: http://www.homebrewing.org/Solsun-Oberon-Clone-Recipe-Kit_p_607.html A lot of other beer kit that I like are also designed for 5 gallons batch. Which kind of math I have to do to adapt them for the Mr.Beer 2 gallon keg? Also, will I be able to store the remaining extracts and ingredients in the fridge since I have to scale down the recipe? Thank you so much for the help!
  10. I bought an LBK a while back, and brewed the American Light that came with it. I followed the MR. BEER included instructions TO A TEE (correct temperature and sanitizing while brewing, ideal ferment temp and time, exact amount carbo drops and ideal carbo temp and time). I chilled the beers in the fridge for two weeks, like it says to do. It was after tasting my almost unenjoyable "liquid bread" that I figured it was just because it was American Light (light beers are a waste of hops) and there must be a reason they toss this kind in with your kit as a 'freebie'.. So I looked online and found a bunch of awesome sounding refill kits and didn't hesitate to order some beers that I myself would buy at The Beer Store (you guys in Ontario will know what I'm talking about). I received them yesterday and am anxious to get some more brewing today. I got Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner, Diablo IPA, American Ale, Northwest Pale Ale, Pale BrewMax LME SoftPack, along with a Professional Bottling System. ANYWAY, long story short.. Some cans are bigger than others. Can I use them all in my LBK, or do I need to split into two batches, or get a bigger fermenter?
  11. Hi everybody, I was wondering if any of you ever brewed a clone of Christmas beers like the St. Bernardus Christmas Ale or the Gouden Carolus Noel. In general, do you have any tips or mr.beer recipes to tweak in order to get closer to Belgian Strong Dark Ales taste? I really want to try something special for the next Christmas! I look forward to hear your comments.
  12. Hi everybody, I am going to brew the Noche de Luna recipe, I was just wondering if you have any suggestions on temp or using a different yest instead of the Mr.beer one provided with the aztec refill. Thanks to whomever would like to add his "voice" to the conversation!
  13. Good morning everyone, This is my first post, I purchased Mr.Beer a week ago and I am ready to brew my first batch of beer. I went through all the FAQs and tried to find a solution by myself but I have to ask for the powerful help of the community! I just purchased a Abbey Dubbel recipe http://www.mrbeer.com/abbey-dubbel-recipe I already went through a series of helpful videos on Youtube and I have a theoretical understanding of the prep process of brewing beer. The only thing that I am doubtful about this recipe is the adding of the Saaz Hops, in fact a lot of users in the review of the recipe are underlining this lack of information as a "cons". Someone already tried this recipe? Could you help me out? When I have to add this ingredient? For how long? At which temperature? Do I have to boil it with the wort or I have to add it when the flame is off? I really thank you in advance and I really look forward to be a proactive member of this community!
  14. Hi folks, My significant other bought me a LBK kit for Christmas. I'm very excited to join the hobby! I couldn't wait to start, so my first batch of Czech Pilsner is already mixed up. Looking forward to many brews!
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