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Found 6 results

  1. Brewed a 4 gallon, all grain Pale Ale yesterday. 5 gal boil. 7.5lb 2 row 0.5lb Caramel 40 0.5lb Carapils Mash at 154 for 75 min. Mash out, batch sparge the recirculated the wort for 25 min with cousin's recirc pump. Wow!!! Wort in to boil kettle was so clear... 0.5oz Citra 60 min 0.75oz Exp Stonefruit 15 minutes 1.0oz Exp Stonefruit flameout. Whirlpool to 170 then cooled. Aerated wort well and Pitched WLP001 at 65 deg. Fermenting 1 week, secondary two weeks, bottle 2.4 vol three weeks. OG: 1.053 Es FG: 1.012 Est abv: 5.3 SRM: about 7 IBU: 53 Fermentation took off about eight hours after pitching the yeast and temps are holding 65-66 last I checked.
  2. Maybe? I won't brew until later so any advice? CalypsoPaleAle.pdf
  3. Pip

    Mango IPA

    So I just tasted my recipe from the fermenter and it is amazing! Can't wait for it to finish 1 can northwest pale ale 1 can chopped mangos in light syrup puréed and 1oz of citra hops
  4. From the album: Swen's labels

    The start of an attempt to standardize the label format. This one was for an Amarillo hopped pale.
  5. From the album: Swen's labels

    Alpha King clone label
  6. From the album: Swen's labels

    The first label from my first born, the old Mr. Beer West Coast Pale Ale. Beer was not great, but it got me started...
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