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Found 6 results

  1. I am looking to make a 2 gallon pumpkin ale this month. From what I have on hand, I'm thinking: 3lb Pilsen DME 2lb bohemian dark floor malt 2oz chocolate malt 2lb pumpkin (1lb in mash; 1lb @45) 14g Hallertau pellets @50 1/2 tsp cinnamon @10 5g grated ginger@10 1 clove @ flameout Ferment @67°f using WLP 060
  2. From the album: Brews

    This year I tweaked the Mr. Beer Punkin Lager recipe a little bit by subbing pumpkin spice for mulling spices, adding 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, and the zest of one orange. Did the standard 3-4 method, cold crashing for two days since last year a few of my Punkin Lager bottles were extra chunky. Tasted fine, just not the prettiest brew. This came out as expected -- a little spicier than the standard Punkin Lager recipe. The orange zest is VERY subtle -- perhaps if I do this one again, I'd do the zest of two oranges for a little extra kick. Otherwise, a perfect autumn brew. Even with cold crashing though, some of my bottles had some of the puree floating around -- not as bad as last year, but I suppose it just comes with the territory when making this recipe.
  3. Exciting next couple of days of brewing for me -- Bottling the Canadian Blonde refill tonight -- 4 740ml bottles, 5 1/2 liter bottles with 5ml of Pineapple Brewer's Extract, and 5 1/2 liter bottles with 5ml of Apricot Brewer's Extract to have a mix of blonde ale, pineapple blonde ale, and apricot blonde ale ready in a month. Tomorrow I'm going to crack open the first of my Orange Spiced Pumpkin Lager I brewed back in the beginning of August. Sunday I'm going to brew the St. Patrick's Irish Stout refill adding 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa. Plan for this at bottling time is dividing it up between some bottles of chocolate stout, some bottles of peanut butter chocolate stout (adding 5ml of PB brewer's extract at bottling), and some bottles of dark espresso stout (adding an oz of dark coffee at bottling). Who's excited for me??? Don't all exclaim out loud at once.... Kevin
  4. So I'm thinking of in early August taking the Punkin Lager recipe and subbing pumpkin spice for mulling spices but also adding to the mix 1 zest or orange, 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1tsp of nutmeg. Loved the Punkin Lager last year but looking for just a little more of a fall spice kick to it. Any suggestions or recommendations? Do the ingredients of the zest or orange, cinnamon and nutmeg sound like a good choice? Kevin
  5. From the album: Brews

    This is the Mr. Beer Punkin Lager recipe, subbing pumpkin spice for mulling spice. 3 weeks fermenting, 4 weeks conditioned. Really tasty -- better than most mid-priced pumpkin beers you'll buy in a store, imo. The pumpkin taste is not overwhelming -- it really tastes more like an oktoberfest with just a bit of cinnamon/pumpkin spice kick to it. A few particles floating at the bottom, but otherwise a very dark amber with perfect carbonation.
  6. So I'm very new to brewing...i have only made the American Classic Light and it's carbonating now. I am a huge fan of pumpkin beers and really wanted to try my hand at it. I decided to try Pumpkin Rising based on the reviews and description. I know I probably won't come out with the absolute best first try, but I want to try to tweak and perfect it by fall. SO ANYWAY. I went to a few stores today and could not find Pumpkin puree or mulling spices....and "yes honey i checked in the baking aisles." The only thing I could find was an imitation pumpkin extract and 100% Pure Pumpkin. Can I use these and if not what would you recommend. I checked Wal-Mart and Aldi. Tomorrow I'm going to look at Giant Eagle(Pittsburgh based Supermarket). Well Off to the coal mine...i'll be anxiously waiting to see all of your suggestions and replies! Also any tips on making a great Pumpkin beer. I'm a huge fan of Jack-O-Travelers. Thanks, Tim
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