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Found 2 results

  1. So I am new to the 2G fermenter and just did my first batch after doing 14 batches in 3 LBKs. I have to say I love the 2G fermenter - it feels like a step up in quality and it is easier to pour in the wort and clean due to the big opening up top. One question where instructions on the web site vary is sanitizing the 2G fermenter. On the instruction video for the 2G it says to sanitize use *half* a packet of no-rinse cleanser and rinse for *10* minutes. but On the printed card and the PDF on the website it says use a *whole* packet and rinse for *2* minutes. Which is correct? Most recipes only give you one no-rinse packet and you need half for sanitizing the fermenter and half for sanitizing bottling at the end. I guess you just need to order extra rinse packets if you use the 2G so you have some for bottling? Maybe both the half and whole instructions are both correct? A whole packet gives a higher concentration of cleanser so you only need to rinse for 2 minutes. The half pack is more dilute so you need 10 minutes of rinsing? And maybe in testing Mr. Beer learned that people generally did not go the full 10 minutes so they switched to a different instruction that allowed 2 minute rinsing? Just guessing here! Thanks in advance for clearing this up.
  2. The adage says there are no stupid questions, but I'm willing to test that theory. I opened up and started to set my kit up when I saw the packet of no rinse sanitizer. This set the wheels turning on a debate as to how one goes about sanitizing all of the equipment at my home. One side (not mine) said "there aren't any instructions because the packet says no rinse so just dump that stuff in there." My thought process was more along the lines of "but there's granulars in there. That stuff must be rinsed out." Please end this dispute so we can start brewing, please. Thanks in advance.
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