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Found 2 results

  1. So.....I bottled my first batch today. And I'm reading the forum. Thanks for all the information. A few newbie questions: 1. There was some sediment in the bottom of the keg. Normal? 2. When I put the bottles in the fridge (after 4 weeks) do the bottles need to stand up or ok to lay on their side? 3. How long will the beer last in the fridge? Is there a recommendation? 4. When should I start my next batch? Thanks!
  2. Hey All, So my second batch is fermenting right now, but I want to be all ready when bottling comes around. Question for you guys: Do most of you just bottle straight out of the LBK using the spigot with a wand or do a lot of people use a separate bottling bucket/siphon etc? My fear is that the sediment will flow out if just using the spigot on the LBK, which happened to me on my first batch. If a wand solves this issue, I plan on picking one up before bottling anyways. I guess overall....I'm just looking for the best way to reduce sediment in the bottles. Any input would be great! Thanks, BrewBert
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