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Found 2 results

  1. I'm new to brewing, made my first pilsner following the recipe to a T, and am ready to bottle it here shortly. I got hooked after scouring all the forums and youtube, so I purchased a 2nd LBK to start red ale (specifically Rose's Rambling Red) which calls for an LME and booster pack. This may be a rather uninformed question, but how will these affect my specific gravity (both original and final), if at all? I'm wondering for future experimentations. A lot of forum topics are dedicated to whether or not to add a booster vs LME vs DME to change the flavor of a "base" recipe or raise the ABV. What numbers should I be looking for (besides taste test) to determine if fermentation is done?
  2. Ok, been reading a ton on here. Thanks to all for the info. I'm an early addict at all of this and its really got my interest to get better at it. Anyways. The gist I get is to wait 3 weeks before bottling. I'm now at day 14. OG was 1.044. Took a SG reading about 5 days ago and it was 1.014. Took one today and its 1.011. Yes, I read to not waste so I taste it. Tastes pretty good! Like a beer should! Its Muntons Premium Canadian Style Beer ME which I brewed to make 2.5 gallons. It doesn't look like anything's going on in the tank bubble wise, like it was initially. Should I be seeing any foam or anything? Is there an SG I should aim for? like 1.004 I think I read? or just wait another week, take a reading and bottle away. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Rick
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