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Found 4 results

  1. In 2019 I bought the Mr. Beer 5 Gallon Home Brewing Fermenter and the spigot is starting to leak. Doesn't look like Mr. Beer is selling the 5 gallon fermenters [BrewMax 6G], let alone any accessories for it. I am hoping there are still others using the fermenter that might have had to replace the o-ring. I would think it could be easily replaced, just not sure of the size.
  2. Hey so I'm new to trying this kit, no matter what I seem to try the spigot leaks. Put it on the way the instructions say, it leaks. Went out and bought other rubber washers still leaks. The outside seems nice and flat but what I noticed today was the inside where the keg connects is not flat but has a raised surface. It's been four days now and clearly I'm getting no where so just wondering if anyone else's is like that or if it's supposed to be like that??? And/or any advice on how to get it to stop leaking??
  3. After extensive testing, we've just released our newest spigot! This spigot is more rugged and easier to clean than the spigots we've had in the past. It also has a better flow and fits our bottling wand perfectly without the need for an adapter. We will slowly be phasing out the old spigots and all new kits will have these instead. They cost a little more for us, but they will sell for the same price as our old spigots. Get your new spigot HERE!!
  4. Hey All, So my second batch is fermenting right now, but I want to be all ready when bottling comes around. Question for you guys: Do most of you just bottle straight out of the LBK using the spigot with a wand or do a lot of people use a separate bottling bucket/siphon etc? My fear is that the sediment will flow out if just using the spigot on the LBK, which happened to me on my first batch. If a wand solves this issue, I plan on picking one up before bottling anyways. I guess overall....I'm just looking for the best way to reduce sediment in the bottles. Any input would be great! Thanks, BrewBert
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