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Found 2 results

  1. I'm sure most of you know our CSR, @MRB Tim. One of his favorite beers is Anchor Steam Lager so he wanted to clone it. While this beer didn't come out exactly like an Anchor Steam, it's still pretty damn close. We did a taste test during our employee "Thirsty Thursday" tastings, and everyone loved this beer (this is rare). It's a great representation of the California Common (aka, "steam beer") style. We substituted the traditional Northern Brewer hops with Hallertau due to availability, but both hops are very similar and, in this recipe, they are intended mostly for balance rather than flavor. But if you wish to go traditional, it won't hurt to use NB hops instead. Using a lager yeast at ale temps, this beer is easy to brew in the summer, but it can be enjoyed year-round. I highly recommend this recipe if you're a fan of California Common type lagers like Anchor Steam. Get yours here: Foggy Days California Common Cheers!
  2. I've been VERY excited about this collaboration!!! This one comes straight out of Mr. Beer's hometown of Tucson, Arizona. This is a new bicycle-themed brewery, Catalina Brewing Company is headed up by a former schoolteacher and Mr. Beer brewer. They have some great beers, but this Mesquite Agave Ale is INCREDIBLE!!! STORY: Mesquite is the most common shrub/tree of the Desert Southwest. Native Americans used every part of this tree for centuries. In fact, the yellow mesquite pods are among the earliest known foods of prehistoric man in the new world. Many generations of indigenous Southwestern Americans relied on these pods as a dietary staple from which they made tea, syrup, and a ground meal called “pinole” that would be made into soups and breads. Hank Rowe, Brewmaster at Catalina Brewing, has included this ancient ingredient in his Mesquite Agave Ale, which is only available in small batches at his Tucson taproom. But for a limited time, Mr. Beer is bringing this Southwestern treat to you. Catalina Brewery was started by business partners Brian Vance and Hank Rowe, who met through their mutual passion of mountain biking. Hank was regularly brewing with Mr. Beer, and when Brian tasted one of Hank’s favorite Mr. Beer brews (a hoppy IPA recipe he created himself), he said that Hank’s IPA was better than any he had tasted. From there, the idea to start their own brewery began to take shape, and Catalina Brewery was born. PROFILE: This beer exhibits the same characteristics as your average California Common, but with a Southwestern twist. Mesquite flour, made from the ground up yellow pods of the Mesquite tree, adds a nutty sweetness with subtle notes of cinnamon, hazelnut, and vanilla. These flavors and aromas dance in perfect harmony with the malty base of Crystal and 2-row malts. The addition of agave nectar adds a touch of dryness for balance. NOTE: While agave nectar is recommended (you can find it in most grocery stores), honey will work if you can't find agave in your area. The mesquite flour IS included, but the agave/honey is not. Also keep in mind that this is a steam beer and uses a lager yeast at ale temps. Get yours here: Mesquite Agave Ale Cheers!!
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