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Found 6 results

  1. My wife loves a Caramel Stout that a local brewery makes. It has a very sweet, rich, caramel flavor. I just ordered the St. Patrick's refill and was wondering if it's possible to make something like that with the LBK. I've made several different recipes with it, but I've only stuck to the instructions and added nothing, so I need to know what to add and at which stage to add it. Thanks!
  2. From the album: Brews

    The standard St. Patrick's Irish Stout refill. Delicious here at about 11 weeks conditioned. Typical, robust irish stout.
  3. Looking to brew my first stout for January. Just building the grain bill right now. Any input is greatly appreciated! 5 Gallons with extract 3# Pilsen DME (need to use it) 2# light DME 1.25# crystal 120°L 1# bohemian dark malt (similar to Munich malt) 1# Chocolate Malt 1# oats 3oz roasted barley 525°L
  4. From the album: Brews

    This is one of my favorite brews using Mr. Beer yet -- St. Patrick's stout basic refill, 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, and one shot of french roast coffee -- it was good around 4 weeks conditioning but even better at 10 weeks which is what this picture is of. Just as good as anything along the same lines I've had from a craft brewery.
  5. From the album: Brews

    My wife used some of my Chocolate Stout (St. Patrick's Irish Stout brewed w/ half cup cocoa powder) to make this stout pie -- ground beef, carrots, pearl onions -- delicious.
  6. From the album: Irish Stout

    My batch of Irish stout. Tastes roasted, almost like coffee, nice flavor.
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