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Found 20 results

  1. ? I'll brew beer for Christmas, You can count on me. Please cold-steep your roasted grains, And mash appropriately! 3 weeks to ferment this, Please don't whine or beg, I'll brew beer for Christmas If only I could keg! Winter's Draught Guinness Crisp Gleneagles Maris Otter, 1.75 lbs., mashed Flaked Barley, 0.8 lbs., mashed Weyermann Roasted Barley (432+ Lovibond), 0.4 lbs. Weyermann Acidulated malt, 2-3 oz., mashed BrewMax Robust LME, 0.55 lbs. East Kent Goldings, 1 oz. added with 60 min. left of 90 min. boil Nottingham yeast Cold-steep milled roasted barley in 4 cups tap water for at least 6 hours. Add to wort for last 10 min. of boil, along with the LME. Forget about tapping this beer for Christmas and save for St. Patrick's Day.? http://www.mrbeer.com/accessories/kegging/kegaroo-2-5-with-filled-co2
  2. My wife loves a Caramel Stout that a local brewery makes. It has a very sweet, rich, caramel flavor. I just ordered the St. Patrick's refill and was wondering if it's possible to make something like that with the LBK. I've made several different recipes with it, but I've only stuck to the instructions and added nothing, so I need to know what to add and at which stage to add it. Thanks!
  3. From the album: Brews

    The standard St. Patrick's Irish Stout refill. Delicious here at about 11 weeks conditioned. Typical, robust irish stout.
  4. Looking to brew my first stout for January. Just building the grain bill right now. Any input is greatly appreciated! 5 Gallons with extract 3# Pilsen DME (need to use it) 2# light DME 1.25# crystal 120°L 1# bohemian dark malt (similar to Munich malt) 1# Chocolate Malt 1# oats 3oz roasted barley 525°L
  5. I'm bottling tonight a stout where I wanted to experiment with adding 1 oz of coffee to each 1/2 liter bottle. I was just planning on brewing a k cup with my Keurig, letting it cool, and then using a sanitized shot glass to pour in an ounce to each bottle. Does this sound right? Any other recommendations to perhaps avoid a possible infection? I clean my Keurig on a regular basis, but wondering if it's possible of an infection by using this type of brewed coffee at bottling. Thanks in advance, Kevin
  6. On recco of @MRB Josh R bought and brewed a Calvera Chile Stout. My wife likes to make Mole so we had chiles on hand. Should be nicely conditioned for day of the dead 2017! Showing pic of cocoa nibs and Chile peppers prior to addition to the mash.
  7. I was going to include 'Smoked Cherrywood' in the name of this recipe, but I probably did not use enough to carry through all the roasted malt flavors. Also, I've included some instructions but please note that they are not prescriptive -- if someone has other ideas on how to do a partial-mash-in-a-sack, I would appreciate any feedback! TBD Foreign Extra Stout Mr. Beer St. Patrick's Irish Stout HME Muntons Dark DME, 1 lb. Lyle's Black Treacle, 0.17 lb. Malting Co. of Ireland Stout 2-row, 1 lb. Chateau Special B, 0.15 lb. Weyermann Roasted barley, 0.15 lb. Simpsons Chocolate malt, 0.15 lb. Briess Cherrywood Smoked malt, 0.12 lb. Flaked barley, 0.15 lb. Challenger hops (U.K.), 0.5 oz. for 15 min. East Kent Goldings, 0.5 oz. for 5 min. Danstar Nottingham! Cold-steep milled Roasted barley + Chocolate malt overnight in 3 cups water. Mash remaining grains @ 152 F. for 60 min. 'Batch sparge' in an equal vol. of 170 F. water for 10 min. Combine runnings then add DME and bring to boil. Following the hot-break, start a 30 min. boil, hopping as indicated. Add cold-steep, treacle and HME with a few minutes left of boil. Place kettle in snowbank until cool, then proceed with normal Mr. Beer protocol. OG 1.071 IBU 54 SRM 40++ ABV 6.9%
  8. Soon I'll be making a weizen for my wife. Well, my niece found out about it and asked if I could make a stout for her. So after some thought I figured I'd do an espresso stout and call it Ashley's Eye Opener Cafe Cubano Stout (she's 3/4 Cuban, hence the name). It's based off of the MB recipe Sunday Morning Coming Down, with a few additions: - 1 St. Pat's HME - 1 Smooth LME - 1/2 cup brown sugar - 4oz. carapils - 4oz. crystal 60 - 1 Tbsp strong, cold-steeped, espresso-ground coffee per 12oz. bottle, added at bottling. I've only done one other recipe where I added some coffee, so thoughts? Suggestions? Maybe some fuggles at flameout to balance the extra grain and sugar?
  9. Long Play IPA turned out very nicely! I just followed the recipe! I am glad because this just came off conditioning. I am having a beer tasting party this weekend to share my home brews and I think this will go over well. I will be serving: Northwest Pale Ale Klondike Gold Long Play IPA Surly Dog IPA Voodoo that you do Ale Stout Porter My guess is that is the order to serve them. Amy tips on food and other party prep? Dare I serve local craft brews at the party too in addition to my own stuff? Good as the Mr. Beer stuff is, local craft beer is stiff competition!
  10. From the album: Brews

    This is one of my favorite brews using Mr. Beer yet -- St. Patrick's stout basic refill, 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, and one shot of french roast coffee -- it was good around 4 weeks conditioning but even better at 10 weeks which is what this picture is of. Just as good as anything along the same lines I've had from a craft brewery.
  11. From the album: Brews

    My wife used some of my Chocolate Stout (St. Patrick's Irish Stout brewed w/ half cup cocoa powder) to make this stout pie -- ground beef, carrots, pearl onions -- delicious.
  12. I'm sure we all remember our first batch of Angry Bovine (Chocolate) Milk Stout -- mine was Dec. 20th, 2015. I gave that recipe 5 stars, but I finally got around to brewing the partial mash version to see how much better it can get. Specialty grains were carapils, Caramel 60, and Chateau Chocolat, all 2 oz.. I'm also going to ferment this with Danstar Windsor, as Hoppy bought all the Safale S-04.?
  13. This is one of my new favorite recipes. Inspired by amazing beers like Stone's Xocoveza and Ska Brewing's Autumnal Mole Stout, this spiced chili stout is rich and smooth. It has an English stout base, but with a Latin kick. I highly recommend using Poblano or dry Ancho chilies, but any chili or hot pepper will do. Get yours HERE!
  14. Exciting next couple of days of brewing for me -- Bottling the Canadian Blonde refill tonight -- 4 740ml bottles, 5 1/2 liter bottles with 5ml of Pineapple Brewer's Extract, and 5 1/2 liter bottles with 5ml of Apricot Brewer's Extract to have a mix of blonde ale, pineapple blonde ale, and apricot blonde ale ready in a month. Tomorrow I'm going to crack open the first of my Orange Spiced Pumpkin Lager I brewed back in the beginning of August. Sunday I'm going to brew the St. Patrick's Irish Stout refill adding 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa. Plan for this at bottling time is dividing it up between some bottles of chocolate stout, some bottles of peanut butter chocolate stout (adding 5ml of PB brewer's extract at bottling), and some bottles of dark espresso stout (adding an oz of dark coffee at bottling). Who's excited for me??? Don't all exclaim out loud at once.... Kevin
  15. From the album: Irish Stout

    My batch of Irish stout. Tastes roasted, almost like coffee, nice flavor.
  16. I've been doing some reading trying to figure out what the differences between a Porter and a Stout. Some say it's about color, others say the grains used and some say it's the ABV. Needless to say, I'm more confused that before. I know that from a Mr. Beer point of view both the Porter & Stout HME have the same amount of malt and therefore will have roughly the same ABV. So what is the difference in the Mr. Beer world, anyone?
  17. I've been working on a recipe for an Oatmeal Stout, here's what I've come up with. I plan to make it this weekend any comments or suggestions would be appreciated . Oatmeal Stout Recipe Characteristics via QBrew Recipe OG 1.069 Estimated FG 1.017 Recipe Bitterness 40 IBU ABV 6.7% Recipe Color 60° SRM Ingredients 1.87 lb Mr. Beer St. Patrick’s Irish Stout 4 oz Flaked Oats 4 oz Chocolate Malt 4 oz Barley 1.5 lb Briess Dark DME 1 pkt Mr. Beer Yeast I plan on steeping the grains in 4 qt of water at 160 for 30min. Rinsing with 2 qt of hot tap water Then bringing the pot to boil and adding the DME. Remove from heat and add the St Patricks HME Adding to the LBK topping of the water and letting it cool to 65 or lower Pitch the Mr. Beer Yeast I was also thinking about adding 1 tbs of coca powder to increase the Chocolate flavor. Again I'd appreciate any comments.
  18. I'm about to attempt a bourbon barrel aged stout. I'm using the Shameless Stout recipe. I plan to soak oak chips in Maker's Mark and drop a cup full into the wort in a hop bag, then bottle condition with more chips in flavor infusers. My question is, do you guys think this is overkill? About right? Maybe lose the flavor infusers? I'm going to sample the wort for flavor when I take my FG reading. Thx GREG
  19. After three weeks fermenting I have my Belgian spiced ale from the sale in bottles. I also brewed the st. Patrick's Irish stout that's in my fermentor now. Just checking in plus the CAL was tastier after conditioning.
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