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Found 2 results

  1. After 3 weeks fermenting and 4 weeks bottled, I chilled a couple bottles of my first ever batch. It was an American Classic Light and was damn good a bit malty had a nice head and light golden in color. It will be a hit with my son who will like that I used the LBK Mr. Beer kit he got me for Christmas. Anybody else tried this?
  2. Hi Everyone-- I'm a 'new 'brewer' and have been brewing a 2-gallon batch every weekend for the last 6 weeks. I followed the standard process in the instructions for sanitizing, brewing, fermenting (2 weeks), bottling carbonating & conditioning (2- 4 weeks at 68 F). Week 1 - American Light, Standard extract Week 2 - Irish Stout, Standard extract Week 3 - Horses Ass Ale, Standard extract + recipe Week 4 - Diablo IPA, Premium extract + dry hops Week 5 - Non Mr. Beer recipe (but an extract recipe) - trying to see if I get similar tasting results Week 6 - Non Mr. Beer recipe (but an extract recipe) - trying to see if I get similar tasting results None of the batches has had any visible signs of infection. All have shown signs of fermentation at least 12-18 hours. All tested like flat beer prior to bottling. Bottled with Mr. Beer Carbonation tabs or generic similar carbonation tabs. American Light: The taste is okay, but still has a 'cidery taste' still after 4-weeks of conditioning. Irish Stout: Tastes very bitter at 3-weeks conditioning. Horses Ass Ale: Tastes good but 'sweet' I imagine due to the fact that it is just 2-weeks old. How long to I need to ideally condition the beer to eliminate the 'weirdness' in flavor? Is 4-weeks enough? What is your ideal amount of conditiong weeks? Thanks, Dave
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