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Found 2 results

  1. I was reading an online version of John Palmers brewing book. He wrote NOT to follow a Malt Extract maker's instructions to add sugar. I can't remember the reason and can't find the passage, but I can find a passage where he repeats not to do so even if instructed. Maybe it has to do with the yeast's reaction to processed sugar while it's trying to work on the natural sugars in the wort. Well, I want to brew the MRB Voodoo beer tomorrow morning. It calls for the addition of 1-cup of brown sugar. A couple members have brewed it and said the brown sugar gave the beer a licorice taste. I don't like licorice so..... I thought I might just put a cup of cane sugar in instead. But, what about John Palmer's warning? Thank you
  2. Long Play IPA turned out very nicely! I just followed the recipe! I am glad because this just came off conditioning. I am having a beer tasting party this weekend to share my home brews and I think this will go over well. I will be serving: Northwest Pale Ale Klondike Gold Long Play IPA Surly Dog IPA Voodoo that you do Ale Stout Porter My guess is that is the order to serve them. Amy tips on food and other party prep? Dare I serve local craft brews at the party too in addition to my own stuff? Good as the Mr. Beer stuff is, local craft beer is stiff competition!
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