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Found 3 results

  1. Was out of town and my beer sat in the keg an extra 2 weeks. Five weeks total. First try with Weissbier. I have stuff floating in the keg and am hesitant to bottle. The pic shows bluish but it is more like brown and tan. Please help!
  2. Kevin Caffrey

    Bavarian Weissbier

    From the album: Brews

    This is the standard Bavarian Weissbier refill. Enjoyed it right at 4 weeks of conditioning, but even better at about 6 (pictured here). For a standard refill, the head retention is very good on this one.
  3. Howdy, Thanks to all of the loyal and helpful users of the community. I have my first batch now fermenting (Canadian Blonde) but have a question about booster use. I ordered a standard refill of Weissbier that comes with the standard booster (not LME) and have refills already (from a local K-Mart that carriers Mr. Beer refills) of Classic American Light and American Lager. After reading many opinions about booster use in general, I was looking for advice on which extracts the non-LME booster may be good to use on. Also, is the booster advisable for use in the Weissbier extract? Thanks for advice! Deano
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