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Found 21 results

  1. @MRB Josh RI am brewing the Mr Beer Wild Wheat Recipe. In the instructions it says to add the yeast from *both* the American Ale (Std Mr Beer Yeast) and Bavarian Wheat (wheat beer yeast). https://www.mrbeer.com/wild-wheat-recipe I have followed the recipe. Is it correct to add both yeasts? If not, and I have already added both yeasts, what temperature should I keep the fermenting LBK at? Thanks - PS this question was also presented on today's live twitch stream re brewing infections and how to handle. Just confirming what to do. Thanks!
  2. Apparently I shouldn't have had that second beer while brewing! I made a brewing mistake and I wonder if there is anything to do to fix it. 18 hours ago I finished my Calavara Chile Stout and pitched the yeast. I neglected to add water to bring the level in the LBK to line 2 before adding the yeast. So I would say I am 4 - 6 cups low on water. What are my options here? I figure I can: - leave it as is and have less but stronger beer; or - add cold water now to level it to line 2; or - boil up some water and let it cool to say 100 degrees and then add it. What say you, oh wise brewers? Thanks!
  3. Saw this today - yeast making flavors normally introduced by hops. In the future we could be using blends of yeasts with different flavor making strains. I have been wondering about this for a while. Once homebrewers get hold of these strains, I am sure that some will thorough home yeast reproduction evolve or separate the strains into different more interesting ones. https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2018/04/04/599147983/gmo-yeast-mimics-flavors-of-hops-but-will-craft-brewers-bite Research article here https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-03293-x There is a lot to be experimented with here and a lot of learning but a lot of opportunity too. Would anyone here try it?
  4. I have read a few places that some of you remove the packet of yeast from the lid and store in refrigerator until ready to use. Is that necessary? I have several refills that I will use in the next couple of months. Seems like the yeast should be fine. After all, It would have been sitting on a shelf in a warehouse if it were not in my house.
  5. I was looking for a basic list of ingredients for a beginner to start to brew without just "adding water".... like a list of easily available yeasts, then a list of available LME's and DME's, and a list of common, and then not so common hops... This would be like "mix and match"....(at your own peril, mind you) and it would be a great way for a new brewer to get their feet wet and experiment. I know there are tonnes of recipes, but this is a way to experiment and learn in the process..
  6. Hey, I just brewed an ale recipe and I thought I would try the BRY 97. I pitched it dry (since everything I checked says there was very little noticible difference) and as others stated it took a little while to get going. Once it did, the kreuzen was thick and was smelling great. Now after 7 days, the kreuzen is still very thick and hasn't started to settle out too much yet. It was fermenting at 64F but now I raised the temp ever so slightly to 66-67F and I'm expecting to speed things up a bit.. Any thoughts?
  7. I've had several batches of Mr. BEER come out short on abv by a few percent. I try to follow the directions religiously but some batches just come up very short. Most recently American lager, came out 3.57% after 16 days at 64-66°. I've had a suspicion that this is a yeast problem. I can see the yeast getting blown out by some if the high malt recipes but this one? I'm thinking old yeast. I brewed it within a week of receiving. Idk what do you guys think? Do you activate your yeast first?
  8. Long Play IPA is 1 week inn to fermenting and I am planning batch #2. My biggest problem to date is having to heat my basement bathroom to stay at or above 20c/68f. I currently have 3 refills: Canadian Blonde (bought only because I'm Canadian ? - actually the wife will likely prefer the bland taste ?),Northwest Pale Ale and Camilla's Folly. I'm a big fan of all pale ales (especially British), wheat/hefeweizen beers and IPAs. I do like a lager or pilsner once in awhile but will not buy any refills kits of this type. Question 1: What other yeast do you recommend for most ales, pale ales and IPAs so I can ferment at lower temperatures. My basement is usually is in the 15c-18c/59f-63f range. I understand that I should stick with MB yeast strain for their Weiss Beer. I was thinking of Safbrew S33, Safale S04 or Safale US05 all in the 15c-23c/59f-75f range. Question 2: If I ferment at the 15c-18c/59f-63f range, with a new yeast, can I also carbonate at these temperatures? Can I also bottle condition at these temperatures? Any input or experience with other yeast strains would be much appreciated. B
  9. I read on the DIY Coopers site that the yeast packing is Julian dated. My 1st package says "09016 B" My 2nd package says "Mr Beer 16816 5g Brewers Yeast" My 3rd package says "Mr. Beer 18015 IM 5g Brewers Yeast". Were these yeast packages made on Day 90 2016, Day 168 2016 and Day 180 2015 respectively? Does the "B" mean Brewers Yeast? What does the "IM" mean? How old of a yeast is too old? Do you think 18+ month old Mr. Beer 18015 IM 5g Brewers Yeast will still work? B.
  10. Okay, So it's been a couple years since I have made anything with my Mr Beer kit (life took me on a long journey). But this weekend I got out the kit, sanitized it and brew a Cowboy Lager / Creamy Brown blend. Before I started I checked the yeast viability, at least I think I did. I took 3 Mr Beer yeast packets and put them in some warm sugar water... 1.5 hours later they are bubbly away nicely so I feel they are pretty good to use, even old. When I say bubbling, there was lots of action. So I made the beer, cooled it, pitched the yeast, and now It doesn't seem like there is really that much action going on in the keg. So this leads me to a couple questions. 1 - How long does it take for trub to form in the bottom of the LBK and can you see it from the outside? 2 - Is it possible to OVER-yeast beer? I am less than a mile from a beer supply shop so I could go get fresher yeast and add it in. (It was closed on the day I brewed) Thanks
  11. Greetings and happy holidays, all. This is my first venture into the Mr Beer Forum. I have consulted it in the past, but felt more time was required experimenting with the process before I actually stepped into the inner realm. I am still in the novice stage and apologize in advance if my inquiry tests your patience. To date, I have brewed 45 batches and presently keep six LBKs in rotational operation. So far, so good. Starting out slowly, I have taken to the more involved recipes recently. Thus far, every batch has turned out to be a success and the reviews from family and friends (with the exception of a snobby son-in-law) have been positive. Favorites include the Diablo IPA, St Patrick's Irish Stout, Raspberry Wheat and Foggy Days California Common. Did I mention a certain snobby son-in-law that visited for the holidays? And how, in his opinion, Mr Beer wasn't "real" brewing -- it was just "beer from a kit". Grrrr. I have read similar sentiments regarding Mr Beer on various sites. For reasons unknown, certain people possess a negative jones about Mr Beer. Haters have to hate, right? Any road, young Mr Know-It-All advised me that if I added TWO packages of brewer's yeast to the recipes calling for a single package, that the beer would have more "kick" to it (his attitude was that I should have already known this fact). I took his comment under advisement. Is there any truth to this suggestion? Or is it better to pitch only the prescribed amount of yeast (one package) into a two gallon fermenter? In other words, would additional yeast yield a higher alcohol content? Or would it negatively impact the finished product? Allow me to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mr Beer process. The LBKs are of perfect size to brew up a batch. I am fortunate to have access to pure well-water, which no doubt enhances the taste of the brew. Mr Beer's service has been terrific, and I look forward to many, many years of having fun, both brewing and learning about this fascinating craft. Thank you.
  12. So, I did it.. pitched the wrong yeast in my LBK. I correctly followed a bunch of steps correctly to make another batch of Angry Bovine Milk stout, but in the end, grabbed the wrong yeast packet and didn't catch the problem until it was too late. I was doing three batched tonight, the milk stout, a dunkelweizen, and an apricot wheat. I had two packets of WB-06 and one went in the stout during the first batch. Fortunately I had another WB-06 so I the two wheat beers were done correctly... but what about the stout? smooth LME, robust LME, and the stout HME with WB-06 yeast? do I let it ride? do I even have any other options?
  13. I have 2 batches of beer fermenting now. In a Mr Beer 2 Gal Keg fermenter. 1st is American light, 2nd is Czech Pilsner. The American light had sooo much foam it came out of the lid(despite the lid being very tight). The Czech Pilsner has barely any foam. Is something wrong with either brew, or is this normal? Thank you
  14. I just got a kit for Christmas from my wife and I'm really excited about making my own beer. So I'm going to get to it real quick. First timer here. I did everything according to the instructions, even placing my LBK in a cooler to control the temp and let it have complete darkness. Saturday was the 2 week mark and when I opened it I saw what looks like oregano floating at the top. Today I checked it and it has not changed. I've sampled it and it has a sour taste to it, but not to much of a "sour apple or vinegar" taste, but it is on the sour side. There's the white solid stuff at the bottom of the LBK and it kind looks like it's also accumulated at the top on the sides. I've read that it's possible the yeast is, "cleaning up after the party". But I'm not sure what is going on?? So as a first timer in the home brewing world, I'm asking for some guidance and help! Heres a picture of what I'm talking about.
  15. Hi Folks, I am slowly progressing into the novice/intermediate brewer domain. I have a dozen or so batches under my belt and starting to explore different types of yeast. The SA-05 which is supplied with most of MR. Beer kits has been an easy introductory yeast for most recipes. It provides an easy method for brewing in most ambient temperatures. Past experience with T-58 from Belgian spiced Ale was fair but since switching to a fridge fermenter has yielded some stronger results, I actually had Krausen overflow. I brewed Winter dark Ale and Imperial Red Ale with the T-58. Conditioning should be complete by the end of the month. No brainstorming adjuncts this time. straight up. Now fermenting is Belgian Spiced Ale and Oktoberfest with Sa- 04 Notty. The date is good for 10/16 I believe but it is not performing as well as thought. I did not get a strong High Klausen nor temp swing as expected. The yeast had trails along the lower sides of the LBK but it never blew off the top so to speak. Notty Likes 59 - 65. I wonder if a secondary ferment will help or I am getting anal with a new yeast. I use an 8" probe down to the center of the LBK through the lid. The infrared temp gun confirms. Should I bring the temp down a bit or stay steady? If this yeast performs well then I am going to test some lager recipes in the future.
  16. Sorry guys, we were wiped out of US-05 over the holidays, but should be getting more back soon. So in case you were doing some ordering this week, keep in mind any recipe that uses that yeast will be out of stock until it returns. I'll keep you updated here.
  17. Can I assume that when a kit says Pilsner that it is a lager yeast? Sometimes the kits don't say what kind of yeast is used and the description doesn't tell me much. Right now I have two weeks in the keg with the Czech Pilsner. Then next one ion my list is the Aztec Mexican Cerveza. Is that also a lager yeast? If I were to get an Ale next would the temp requirements be any different? I would like to try an Ale next but I'm unsure of the temps. Hopefully this batch won't be to bad because I have had some fluctuations. I hit a low of 55 and for a short time a high of 68. Most of the time it's been in the 58 - 62 range. My plan is to do 3-2-1. Keg-bottle-frig. Does that sound about right for the kind that I'm doing? Thanks for any help... John
  18. Okay, reading the reviews on the Leggy Blond Belgian recipe, I see that SamLJer wrote "I didnt use the ale yeast that came with the recipie because the smack pack was dead and did not swell." The reason this concerns me is that this recipe comes with the Safbrew T-58 Dry Brewing Yeast. That is the same yeast that came with the Belgian Spiced Ale, which I have had fermenting for the past 18 days and is currently cold-crashing in my fridge. If my Safbrew T-58 came in a "smack pack" I certainly did not notice it. I did no smacking, and did not look for any swelling. I just opened the packet and sprinkled it on the wort. Did I miss something here? I am a complete newbie (this is my 2nd beer) but it sure seemed to me that I got enough krausen and good fermentation.
  19. So much great info here. But while I'm still trolling the forum and learning I have a burning question I am not finding an answer for: Can you pitch too much yeast in an LBK size batch? I just brewed my first batch of Ale that came with the kit. The yeast had expired due to my ignorance and I replaced it with a US05 from my LHBS. I inquired a bit before brewing and was advised I could pitch the whole 11g packet of yeast. But I see the Mr. Beer recipes include a 2g packet which has put me on alert. I did take care to pitch at the right temp. My LBK has been fermenting at 70° for 2 weeks now. I neglected to take an OG reading as I was just following the kit instructions (which I now see will not produce a really good brew). Based on what I have read so far it looks like I could/should allow fermentation to continue for another week or two before bottling. So I am wondering if my 11g full packet pitch plunged my batch into Neverland or if I shouldn't mind it. Yes - I will get better at this. Because I know I'm in the right place to ask the questions. Great forum.
  20. Hi Guys/Gals The spring season is upon us soon and as a new Brewer I was wondering what some of you do to store the Brewing supplies. Yeast temperature storage I assume basement temps are ok for northern states, Should I put in the fridge for 80 + Ambient temps? Hops Storage, Many are storing in the fridge or freezer Pellets or plant longevity, Hmmm Pantry Items like Corn Sugar, Oat meals, Wheats and Barleys. HME/LME I have kept in the fridge based on expiration date and intended use time. Any Ideas.
  21. I just made my first batch and by mistake I stirred the yeast. Did I just ruin my batch? I have the LBK how long do I let my batch sit in before I bottle it?
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