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Kegging disaster

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So, I've had a heffeweizen on tap for a few weeks now, but I'm having a party this weekend for all of my friends and I noticed that my carbonation seems to have been going down the last week or so naturally, I wanted to try to up the carbonation... so this is what I've done over the course of the last month with this beer.

Naturally carbonated to ~4.5 units of CO2
Serving at about 5 psi.
Tasted great!
2 weeks pass, started to be a little flat.
Turned up the pressure last night to ~25psi at ~65 degrees
Went back to bed.
Went down stairs this morning and found about 1 gallon of beer on my (thankfully) concrete basement floor.

One of two things happened...
1. The outlet poppet was bad and leaked after so many psi.
2. I left the beer out quick-connect connected, and just having the beer out connected weakend the poppet connection at that pressure...

So I purged my system and removed my poppets to inspect... one poppet o-ring was a little out of round, and I figured that was my problem. I then started to put everything back together and get my beer on CO2 when I realized I had also drained my 5# tank. :( Doh...

I made an emergency trip to the LHBS and the CO2 shop to get more CO2 ($8 each for 2 tanks... score!) and another poppet ($6.50! yikes!). And I got a speeding ticket on the way ($55). So this one batch of beer is about $100 or so now! :D Thankfully it's pretty damn good!

What a rollercoaster of a day!

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Guest System Admin

Good value on the speeding ticket :P They start at about $124 here in Washington State. BTW ... don't know this from experience.

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