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Lazy Mans Amarillo APA

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I made this a while back when feeling lazy, it's quite good and easy (about the most unadvanced advanced recipe you can do), so figured I'd share it. Folks who wonder what to do with Grand Bohemian or ADIPA except for making it straight up, this works. Those two extracts combine nicely, and work well with Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, or Cascade, which you could use easily instead of the Amarillo.

Amarillo APA (about 2.25 gallons - not quite to q, but more then 8.5)

1 can Grand Bohemian Check Pils hme
1 can American Devil IPA hme
8oz extra light dme
0.5oz amarillo @10
1/2pack safeale 05
OG 1.054 FG 1.014
IBU 39

Boiled the DME in 4 cups of water until hot break, tossed in Amarillo, boiled for 10 minutes, turned off heat, added extracts, poured into fermenter on top of cold water as any other Mr. Beer extract based recipe. Easy as can be and quite good as long as you are into grapefruit.

The only thing I'd do different next time is steep about 6oz of 10L or 20L crystal. That would push it into awesome territory.


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Very nice.

I think the specialty grain steep wouldn't have changed it much, the hmes already have good flavor, mouth feel, etc. and you got some nice head action on that. Probably top notch the way it is. Nice.

The thing about citrussy hops, is that it doesn't really taste exactly like citrus, and it's not really citrus, it's citrussy hops that have citrussy character. They have a nice flavor to the palate, almost cleansing. I do like them time to time, just not all the time. Larry and I used them in our Tabacker, and it was delicious. I used to use centennials and cascades almost exclusively.
For that matter, have i ever come across a hop I didn't like? No, I don't think that's possible, they are all, after all, hops.

I like brews with the strong non citrussy ones, too, like warrior, bullion or galena.

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Looks good... I'll bet it's refreshing on those lazy summer days...

@Tobasco and mashani

I'm planning a relatively high IBU IPA w/ Mr. Beer LME's but I also want a very 'flowery' nose and was thinking of using additional hops in addition the the hops already in the ADIPA and WCIPA...

High Alpha for probably T-30 min... And something with lower Alpha for the aroma, either late in the boil (T-5 or 10) or dry hopped... Or both! (again, I want to add a bit to the IBU's and most important, add the nose...)

I have Centennial and Hallertau and was think of pairing with either Cascade and or Citra (for the boil with the Centennial) and Perle and or Tettnenger ( with the Hallertau) for the nose..

I was thinking quarter ounce quantities for the boil and quarter to half for the late hops..

Any thoughts or other hop selection suggestions?


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The only reason I'd add the crystal is to add a touch more residual sweetness. No need for it otherwise. Just trying to think of what might make this even better (it's really good as is). A slightly more sophisticated hop schedule with 1/4oz earlier and 1/4oz later would likely be better, but this was the lazy way of getting both flavor and aroma out of a single infusion.


You will likely get good bit of flavor out of the hops at T-30, so make sure you factor that in to your though process. Don't just consider a T-30 addition to be just "bittering". At least my experience is that you need to go beyond T-40 with most hops if you don't want the flavor to come through.

In one 4 gallon APA I make from unhopped LME I use 1oz Centennial in the boil @40, which gives ample bitterness and a little bit of lingering flavor, 1oz Liberty or Perle (depends on what I have) for flavoring @15, 1oz Cascade for aroma@5, and then dry hop it with an ounce of Willamette or Fuggles or Goldings (again depends on what I have) and another ounce of Cascade. This gives a flowery and earthy, mildy spicy nose, and some citrus, but the Liberty or Perle gives it a totally different flavor then an all cascade/centennial brew.

I'm sure it would be good with Hallertau or Tettnenger in place of the flavoring and/or in place of the english side of the dry hop. Probably would come out a tad more spicey and a tad less earthy. The cascade in the dry hop adds a lot of flowery notes and I'd not substitute it, except maybe with centennial, but I'd be afriad that would just overpower the english side of the dry hop. If I used it there I'd probably use less.

So I think your concept is good, it's of a similer nature, just starting with the Mr. Beer extracts.

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Guest System Admin

Quite nice looking.



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