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Imperial Rhino Stout 2011

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Back at the end of May I finally got around to my Imperial Rhino Stout

The 2010 version was the 6th beer I ever brewed and conditioned so long that by the time I opened my first bottle I had brewed 21 more (about 6 months)

The name derives from the second beer brewed way back in 08 at a brew on premise which I called Rhino Stout. It was a nice oatmeal stout that unfortunately caught to some type of infection that gave it a metallic vinegar taste.

I enjoyed the last bottle of the 10 version while waxing my 2010 Holiday Beer and have been planning the next version since.

The 2011 version will harken back to its roots and be an imperial oatmeal stout. This will require me to perform a partial mash, figures crossed.

I'm also going to loop in the coffee notes I got in the 2010 version using cold brewed coffee at flame out and during secondary transfer.

I'm aiming for a cross between Founders Breakfast Stout and Surly Darkness

Imperial Rhino Stout v3
Imperial Stout

Type: Partial Mash
Date: 5/30/2011
Batch Size: 5.00 gal
Brewer: Scott Bennett
Asst Brewer:
Boil Size: 4.08 gal
Boil Time: 60 min
Brewhouse Efficiency: 67.00
Notes: Cross between Founders Breakfast Stout and Surly Darkness

Est Original Gravity: 1.095 SG
Est Final Gravity: 1.022 SG
Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 9.59 %
Bitterness: 50.1 IBU
Est Color: 52.0 SRM

Mash Schedule
1.50 lb Oats, Flaked
1.50 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US - Somebody had just cleaned Eric out of 6 row
0.75 lb Chocolate Malt
0.25 lb Black (Patent) Malt
0.25 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L
0.25 lb Roasted Barley
0.25 lb Victory Malt

I also used some 5.2 pH stabilizer and calcium carbonate to help with my mash.

I'm going to put everything in a big bag and use my existing aluminum pot.

I'm aiming for a 155F mash so I'm going to add 7.13 qt of water at 165.1 F. I'm going to set my oven for 170F and toss my whole pot in there for an hour to mash.

I'm planning on sparging with 7 qts at 170F

The ingredients

The Cold Brew Coffee

Cleaning the container

Weighing the beans

The Raptor at Law (aka the coffee expert) Grinding the beans

Ready for the water


Chilling out with some wild cider and the yeast starters

I tried several methods for filtering but in the end ran it through the filter in my wife's coffee pot

The results

The Mash

I took my second partial mash really seriously. The first go around I had some heat loss at the end and ending up swinging too far the other way. The beer turned out fine by I still wanted a better way to control the mash. Then I discovered the Oven Method online.

Put all my grain in my big bag

Use daughter (aka BabyRaptor) to collect 7 qts of water

Heat said water to 165

While heating water set oven to 170

Put the grain and water into my kettle along with salts and chemicals, stir and check temperature then put the kettle in the oven for an hour

Do other stuff

The temperature held at 154 for 60 minutes

During which I heated my sprage water to 170

I used a metal steamer to hold the grain while I lauder

One litter at a time

The Boil

Everything going in weighted out

Getting ready to boil

15 to go

Cool down

Transferring to the fermentor

You might notice the lean, this is cause by the tennis ball underneath I use to swirl

Times I wish I had Daniel's Camera

Yeast goes in with some Pure O2 and more swirling

Down for a nap

6 hours in (I hit it with O2 at 3 points)

The next morning


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Excellent pictorial! As someone who is about to embark on AG, I toast you, sir.

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