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Record keeping & my latest brews

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I just bottled two more batches - the fall seasonal Belgian Dubbel and an American Blonde Ale with Pale Export.

I decided to do a little experiment and I used dark brown sugar in place of the white sugar as the priming sugar when I bottled two of the Dubbels. We'll see how they turn out compared to the other 6 that I did with regular white granulated sugar.

I took some small 1 oz. samples to taste before bottling and they're both a lot more cloudy than I remember my previous batches being. However, this was the first time I used unfiltered tap water. Maybe that's why?

I'm about to get two new batches started... Cowboy Lager with Pale Export and Witty Monk Witbier.

Also, I just thought I'd throw this out there...

Keeping track of your recipes and how you brew them and whatnot is really important to some people. For me, I really just want to track exactly how long they ferment for and how long they condition for.

At work I use Microsoft OneNote as sort of a daily journal. It's excellent for referencing things I've done in the past and I'll put written procedures in there in case I need to repeat the same thing months or even years later. Very handy. If you have access to it, try it out. Sure is better than having a ratty old notebook filled with chicken scratch lying around that could get lost or damaged.

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