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Gods Country Brewer

Moving up and onward

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I need to say a big thanks to Mr. Beer and the forum members here for helping me make some damn good beer. With that being said I find myself making 5 gallon kits more than Mr. Beer batches. I still will make some Mr.Beer products and will still browse this forum but I will probably post a lot less than I did...not that I did anyway.

I still have some seasonals in stock, 1 Belgium Dubbel, 2 English Ales and 2 Strong Dark Ales from last winter(lost the taste for the Strong Dark Ales) so I'd be willing to trade those off for some more Belgiums or something else, PM me if interested. I may even get rid of a couple kegs, I have 4 but will keep 2 for now.

I drank some of that Apple Pie Moonshine and feeling fuzzy so I need to go start some dinner.

Thanks again,
Steve aka God's Country Brewer

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Hey, hope you don't go too far... This is still a heck of a nice place to hang out!

PM'd you about the Dark Stong Ales... Would take the Dubbel as well if interested.

Anyway, be sure to drop in...

I do a lot of five gallon batches... Some with MB ingredients as part of it, some not...

But it's still good to share open discussion on process, preferences etc...

Be well!


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