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First Brew: Love Potion Lager

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Hey guys,
I love how active the boards are here. I ordered a kit a day or so after Christmas from Woot (just ordered another there too) and didn't start my first brew till late January because...

There was no way I was going to maintain any warm temps in my home. So, I ordered the Love Potion Lager kit and a packet of Saflager-23 (used maybe 8g/11.5g)

Didn't have/use a hydrometer.

Primary fermentation - 2 weeks at colder temps
Bottled per Mr. Beer specs in 1 liter bottles

Opened the first one up on Valentines day and shared it with my girlfriend. I liked it but felt it was missing something, somewhere in the middle of it. :huh:

She liked it but she probably wouldn't say it was awful even if it was.

I've let the rest lager for 2 weeks so far (opened 1, no lagering - opened two others at about 1-1.5 weeks lagering) and the head is great, taste is crisp, almost wine-like at first and mellows with the second sip.

It was cloudy with the first but is clearer now.

I'll have a Dutch Lager and WCIPA (or Witty Monk) brews all going hopefully when I go home for spring break. Gotta figure out how to maintain the temps.

I'm Derek by the way. I hope to be around as often as I can. Trying to be like a sponge and pick up as much as I can.

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Welcome. I would likke to brew a lager some day but cnt tend to the yeasties like I should so I will stick to ales.........way to go on jumping straight to a lager.

Wine-like sounds like it needs more time (most lagers need extra time)

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Hi Mr_Derek... Welcome to the forum!

Sounds like you might be off to a good start!

if you haven't already, check out the New Brewers Discission Thread and read the yellow sticky posts.

Happy Brewing and keep posting!


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