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1st Junk Yard Dog. Pretty good!

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First batch of american ipa was less than good. Very bland. Didn't do it right. Many mistakes including lack of patience.

Tasted my second batch today and I'm pleased. Good floral scent(dry hopped for a week with 1/2 oz of cascade),too small hop flavor, a little too much alcohol taste (tastes like a 90 minute Dogfish), no bitter(didn't do any hop boil) and clean finish with no cider taste(very surprised since I overdid the adjunct ratio). 2-2-2.

Only took 8 out of 20 in the fridge and tasted a couple. The rest I'm going to age for another month at room temps (68 to 70) to see if age makes the taste better. But very drinkable. Even my wife had one and didn't complain.

Next up, Mad Dog IPA that I did better IMO. 22 min boil with 1 oz centennial, 1 week with 1oz cascade. I'll do 2-2-2 again, but again only with a six pack. The rest (16)I'll age at a month longer.

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