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Heading Powder

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So I was in the big city tonight and I went to the local wine/brew store and found some "Beer Heading Powder". Which on the package says it is:
propylene glycol alginate

Has anyone every used something like this? it sasy to add 1 rounded tsp per 23L at time of bottling.

I ofcourse bought and am now looking for information about it because I kick bubble gum, chew names and write on asses... always backwards.

heres a link:


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Propylene Glycol is the toxic stuff in antifreeze. I'd not touch that stuff.

Use maltodextrine, it's actually good for you.

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Ok, sounds too close too anti-freeze to be right so I had to check...

Note that I am not advocating it's use in beer as it violates the Reinheitsgebot... Nor do I choose to advocate it's use in general. I present here only a small body of findings of others that I was able to dig up on the Internet... For your reading pleasure!

Propylene Glycol Alginate is an ester of alginaic acid, derived from Kelp. It is Food Additive E405 and is generally considered by the World Health Organization as safe for human consumption in estimated levels of 0-25 mg / kg by weight per day. At those levels, it appears to be removed from the body completely after 3-5 days whith no signs of toxicity, genotoxicity and only minor exhibitions of allergic reaction. (Note: in a later Inchem study, it was recommended that since it is an ADI f propylene glycol, and that there has been recent concern over potential carcinogenic contribution, that propylene glycol be considered in future studies along with propylene glycol alginate.)

It is used primarily as an emulsifier and is often found as an ingredient in salad dressings, veggie dips, etc.

Here is it's Wiki reference, for what it's worth...


Here is an Inchem test result brief on it and some others in the class of additives including anticaking agents, antimicrobials, antioxidants, emulsifiers and thickening agents from the W.H.O. FOOD ADDITIVES SERIES NO. 5


And another:


And a medical publication:


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