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Mixed bag recipe help

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I have a weird mix of ingredients and looking for a suggestion for my next one or two brews.

I have:
1 can Vienna Octoberfest HME
1 can Mellow Amber UME
1 lb Sparkling Amber DME
1 lb Bavarian Wheat DME
3.3 Golden Light LME

2/3 oz Galena Hops
2/3 oz Fuggles
1/3 oz tettnag
1oz UK Kent Goldings

Safe ale 05
Wyeast london ale III
Nottinghame dry ale yeast

Any Suggestions?

I am playing with the idea of the Vienna, Amber DME and 1lb of the Golden light with 60min of 1/3 oz Galena. Also I have thought about the Mellow Amber UME, 1lb Amber DME, 1lb of the Golden light and 60min fuggles and 20 min Tettnang.

Of course I could buy extra ingredients but I'd love to use some what I have on hand so I can do this sooner than later.

Thanks fro your help!

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If I had that on hand, I'd do the OVL with either of the ambers (maybe with 1/4lb of wheat, but maybe not). I could see any of those hops working as well, but the style leads to nobles, so I'd go tettang if it were me (though fuggles and ekg would work as well). And I'd use the london ale yeast. That would make a nice alt, me thinks...

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I just put together 1 can of octoberfest and two pounds of light dme then pitched us-05. Hoping for a malty summer beer. :drinking:

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