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Hard lemonade recipe

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My first time trying a hard lemonade need help.

Strawberry blonde hard lemonade
Malt Extracts: (2lbs) Bulk Malt - Unhopped Superlight
Crystal Malts: Weyermann® CaraHell (Crystal 10) - 1 oz
Other: Lemon Peel (4oz)/ 10 lemons juiced
Adjuncts: Beer Flavoring Strawberry/ 2 lbs pureed strawberries cooked in the sugar.
Adjuncts : Corn Sugar - 4 lb
Hops: Pellet Hops Centennial 1oz
White Labs Yeast: White Labs Belgian Sour Mix (WLP655)
Misc: Clarifier - Whirlfloc (1 tablet)

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What in particular do you need help with?

Here's what I note from the recipe above:

- You are using a Belgian Sour strain mix. I'm not prepared to say that won't work well, but I'm curious as to how you arrived at that. Brett yeast usually is used in sour beers and lambics (and usually used in the secondary after fermenting with a standard ale yeast), so I'm wondering how this will play in a lemonade. Also, understand that when you use these types of yeasts, you are likely to not be able to get it out of your fermenter (i.e., all beers in that fermenter ongoing will risk being sours). Again, not saying it won't work, but my thoughts went more toward WLP380 or something base like US-05 when thinking of this type of beer.

- With the malt extract, crystal 10, and hop additions, my personal opinion is that you'll get more of a shandy here than a lemonade. I'm assuming that that is what you're going for... more of a beer with a lemonade flavor. If so, all is good there.

- Be careful with the lemon peel. Zest = good. Pith = bad/bitter.

Otherwise, if you give more info on what you need help with, we'll be glad to see if we can help out...

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From RebelBrewer's listing on this yeast:

Please note:
This is a Bacterial Culture!
Cultures are for use in traditional "brett" secondary fermentations.
Sound sanitation and separation practices should be followed.
We assume no responsibility for the use of this product.

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