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Coopers Ale Yeast Temps

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Not Fromunda, From-el-aytch-be-ess. :silly:

I used 6 g with 1 can Whisp. Wheat and 1# Light DME.
1 inch Krausen for 36 hours, no Krausen at 48 hrs.
Temp on LBK went form 74 to 68 over first 2 days.
Now at 66. Basement at 64F.
What if take to kitchen closet (71F) for a couple days?
Since its' wheat w/ Citra, wondering what flavors may come, as well as getting the FG down...


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Some brews have a lot of Krausen, others very little. It sounds like yours took off, did their thing and are settling out. If you have trub at the bottom, you are brewing beer.

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