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#IPADay is coming ...help me out

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As you may or may not know ... #IPADay is coming on August 2.

I put together a poll to pick what Sheppy's official #IPADay drink of choice will be.

Why? I don't know ... probably because I'm a geek and wanted to try out this online polling service on my blog. Picking an IPA seemed as good a use as any I could think of.

So, could the borg do me a favor and come vote on what I should drink for my #IPADAy drink (or drinks).

I pre-filled the choices with a few Colorado IPAs that I have never had, but feel free to use the OTHER choice with your own favorite. Make sure to enter brewery name AND name of the beer.

The link is here: http://blog.ericshepard.com/2012/07/help-me-pick-my-ipaday-beer.html

Thanks for your help.


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Damn ... I put this is the wrong forum section.

Anyone know if I can change it? Do I need to have a moderator move it?

Rookie mistake ... sorry.

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