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Blue Beer recipe help

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I brewed a sorta clone of Sweetwater Blue yesterday and I was hoping you guys could give me some advice on finishing the recipe. Here is the gist.

2.5 gallon batch
All grain
5 # Belgian pale 2 row
1 # wheat
.5 oz hallertau 60min
.5 oz hallertau 20min
1 oz blueberry extract
Og 1.047 actual 1.041

Ok so my plan was to transfer to secondary and dry hop with .25oz of hallertau after 7 days in primary.

However My LHBS sold me know some leaf Saaz for dry hopping.

My questions are:
Do you think the hallertau or saaz is better fit with blueberry?
And if I am dry hopping and adding extract at what stage do you recommend doing each?

Right now I am on second day of fermentation, things are look in good.

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Never heard of this brew myself. I would think if u wanted more of the blue berry to come through, I'd go easier on the hops? Just thinking out-loud. Maybe dry hop some 1/4oz hallertau for aroma?

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It is tasty, and I am not a fruit beer guy. I had it in a sampler pack last time I was in Atlanta.
Thanks for the advice.

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