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Any way after Primary to Bitter this beer?

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Hi I brewed a Light ale that I plan to add blueberry extract to. It's a clone of Sweetwater Blue (sorta.) I kept it balanced-to-sweet to go along with the blueberry extract I will be adding at bottling time.

However when I transfered it to secondary after one week in primary, I tasted it and it's kick you in the face sweet. At that time I added a Hop tea I made with .25 oz Saaz and it took a little of the sweet down. I have read that fruit extract flavors are sweeter than fruit puree so I am worried that I will be going in the wrong direction when I add that.

Any way to bitter this in the secondary or bottling stage? Or did I just learn a valuable lesson?

Here is the recipe:

83% 5 0 American Two-row Pale 37 1 ~
17% 1 0 Belgian Wheat 38 2 ~
6 0
Batch size: 2.5 gallons
Original Gravity
1.067 / 16.4° Plato
Final Gravity
1.018 / 4.6° Plato
3° SRM / 6° EBC
Mash Efficiency
boil 60 mins 0.5 Hallertau pellet 3.1
boil 20 mins 0.5 Hallertau pellet 3.1
Dry Hop .25 Chech Saaz
Boil: 3.0 avg gallons for 60 minutes
18.0 IBU / 2 HBU
ƒ: Tinseth
Safale US-05 Dry Yeast
ale yeast in dry form with low to medium flocculation and 73% attenuation
6.5% ABV / 5% ABW

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I'm not sure what you can do about it now, but it's not surprising to me that it's off the chart sweet. If you take a look at the chart below, you'll see it really is off the chart. The chart is only a starting point, since more unfermentable sugars will get a sweeter final result and more fermentable sugars will get you a more bitter end result, but you can take that into account when making your recipes.

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Just an idea. Honestly don't know if it would work or not, but here goes, and maybe others can tell you if it might work.

If it was me, I'd make about one quart or two of wort and do a hop boil for a super strong IBU. Then I'd add it to the current wort and let it ferment some more. It's a crazy move, but sometimes you gotta get crazy to solve a problem.

Either that or else blend the final brew with another brew that is super bitter.

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With that BU/GU it's going to be malty...but did you check the gravity when you transferred? It may drop a few points yet. In any event, I would leave it alone at this point. Once it's conditioned, carbonated and chilled the flavor (and likely perceived bitternes...or lack thereof) will be different anyway.


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BTW this turned out to be an awesome beer. I dry hopped it or did a Hop tea at the the time of bottling with some leaf Czech Saaz.

It was a very subtle blueberry flavor, just enough to make it interesting. The beer was amazingly good and very easy to drink in multiples.

Everyone who had told me I had to make more. This will go in my book of brew again and again brews.

THanks for your help

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