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First time using honey.. need advice

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Can anyone give me some info on how to use honey, how much, and when to add it. And, do I still use the booster?

I will be using it will the Classic American Blonde Ale

Thanks :stout:

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I would use it instead of the booster. Add it to water before or during the boil. How long you boil it will depend on how much flavor you want from it. 10 minutes will eliminate all flavor from it.

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I guess the biggest question is why are you doing it? Is it for the flavor of the honey? (Right approach) If it's for flavor, adding honey prior to primary fermentation may not give you the taste you are looking for. You could boil the honey with a small amount of water (anything that goes in the LBK after primary fermentation needs to be boiled) and add it after primary fermentation is through.

Is it to increase the ABV of the beer? (Maybe not so right approach) If it's to boost ABV (adding along with Booster) then you're more than likely going to end up with a cidery product that needs to sit and condition for quite a while.

Borrowing this post from Mashini who posted it to another adjunct enthusiast yesterday:

The sugars will ferment out. So........

Booster (1 bag) = alcahol and a little bit of body. No flavor as such besides alcahol.

Brown Sugar (1 cup) = more alcahol and maybe a tiny bit of lingering molassas flavor... but this isn't what you think... see below...

Molasses (1 cup) = all the sugar ferments out leaving no sweetness. All that is left is the bitter/ironey part of the molasss flavor without the sweetness to balance it. So this = bitter nasty taste like rusty metal kind of stuff. Yum. (I hate hate hate molassas in beer).

The only ingredient that will leave you with anything remotely tasting like beer is the can of mr. beer extract.

I have to assume the same thing follows for honey - the sugars may ferment out and the resulting flavor is miniscule, if any, unless you add during secondary fermentation.

Read these threads:




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