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So, I under carbed a nice C-MRB Patriot American Lager. I used S23 lager yeast washed one time. I suspect while the beer turned out just fine, there was not enough live yeast to carb. I added 74g booster batch prime to 8 qts.

Followed the proper protocol of warm carb for a week then into the lager fridge at 50 for a month.
First bottle was light on carb level. I removed all the bottle from the fridge to warm at about 68 for another week. Bottles felt hard but not 'real' hard.
Cooled one down for a week. No good still low carb level.

I have 6 qts to re-carb. I decided not implement my normal re-carb process.
I had an empty TAD keg, that would hold all the beer that need re-carb.
I added a WAG of 3 tablespoon measures to the TAD keg. Opened each bottle and SLOWLY poured into the keg at an angle to reduce oxidizing.
Attached the TAD tap and left sit in the bath tub for a week.. It did not blow and is rock hard. Placed in fridge to cool down.
First draw with no CO2 cartridge, yielded a nice carb level.
Will draw another pint then attach the CO2.

Re-carb worked well - again

This recipe while not great is 'good' A nice lite Lager

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Good job! Glad you were able to save that batch of beer. Seems that under carbing tends to be one of the biggest problems we homebrewer run into. Every style absorbs C02 a little bit differently causing there to never really be a "base" amount of priming ingredient you can use for every batch/style. I'm a little leary of pouring out my beer after I've bottled it, but hey it worked for you so that's really all that counts. It sure as hell beats drinking/dumping out a whole batch of flat beer!!! :banana:

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