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Pale Ale Recipe

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Brewer: LeRenardS13
Style: American Pale Ale
Batch: 2.40 galExtract

Recipe Gravity: 1.058 OG
Recipe Bitterness: 39 IBU
Recipe Color: 10° SRM
Estimated FG: 1.014
Alcohol by Volume: 5.6%
Alcohol by Weight: 4.4%

Crystal 40L - [body, Caramel, Head, Sweet]0.25 lb, Grain, Steeped 20 min @ 160
Briess DME - Golden Light 1.50 lb, Extract, Extract
Mr. Beer/Coopers American Ale 1.87 lb, Extract, Extract

Cascade - 0.12 oz, Pellet, 30 minutes
Cascade - 0.25 oz, Pellet, 15 minutes
Cascade - 0.25 oz, Pellet, 7 minutes
Cascade - 0.25 oz, Pellet, Dryhopped
Mr. Beer/Coopers American Ale 1.00 oz, Pellet, 5 minutes

Nottingham Yeast 11g packet 59-70 F, rehydrated in boiled then cooled spring water pitched at 66 degrees

Brewed December 28th
Dryhopped January 4th

OG = 1.057

initial taste : fruity, mild to mid bitterness, nice caramel colours and smell
only slight hop aroma

Hydrometer test on January 9th 1.010

Second taste : great floral/citrus aromas, great taste from cascade hops, mildly bitter

Bottled January 12th 2013 @ 1.010 FG = 6.2% abv
Bottle primed 1l bottles with mr beer recommended amount of priming sugar
Bottle primed 500ml bottles using screwy's calculator for amounts


This was the my first brew, I'm hoping it turns out after bottling. I used the 2 amounts as there seems to be a huge difference in how much Mr Beer calls for and how much it calls for if you use any bottle priming calculator for most styles. It's my test to see what I prefer. Will be updating as soon as I crack a bottle.

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First tastes are fantastic, great flavour from the cascades, floral/citrus aromas but a little watery aftertaste. No alcohol bite, very smooth for a 6.2% abv. Carb is a little low, but I'm just being impatient, only gave it 3 weeks to carb and 2 days to chill. I have a few bottles still at room temp, will fridge them in another week, and will throw up a picture after some bottles have had more time in the fridge to clear up and look better on cam. ;)

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Last bottle of this batch. Yum, I loved it, everyone loved it. Next iteration I'm definetely gonna add more hops during flavour portion of the boil. Maybe up the abv a tad as well. Otherwise this was a fantastic first brew for me and I will definitely be making it again.


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