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Scottish Ale Receipe Idea

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Hello Borg :borg:

I was thinking of brewing a Scottish ale /70 or /80 using Mr Beer Octoberfest HME as the base. I want to do a partial mash but was uncertain want to input into Qbrew as the efficient so I assumed 60% as I plan to mash in a bag with no sparge. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

1 Can Mr Beer Octoberfest
2 lbs Britsh 2-Row
4 Ounces Crystal 40

Yeast: Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale
Mash grains with 3 quarts of water at 158 in a bag.
After 1 hour remove bag, no sparging
I am assuming 60% efficiency

Boil wort for 15 minutes to develop hot break.
Add HME stir until disolved and follow standard method

Standard Method
Fill LBK with 1 gallon of refridgerated spring water (I use Crystak Geyser)
Dump in Wort
Top off with refridgerated spring water to 8.5 quarters
Stir ... Stir ... Stir

Add Activated Liquid Yeast

Ferment between 62-67

Has anyone tried anything similar?


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Scottish ales don't use munich malt. Which there is a lot of in an octoberfest. Typically they are British pale malt, and a little bit of black patent then caramelized. Though you can use British Pale malt, black patent, and some light caramel or crystal malt for the caramel flavor. Then use British hops. I am partial to kent goldings for my scottish ales.

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