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How to enter MB HME into Beersmith 2

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Those that would like to know (but don't) I will give a quick example and explain it.

First is to enter the HME as a new grain and set it to an extract.
Set the color to the given HME SRM (if you set Beersmith 2 to SRM)
Set the potential to 1.036 SG and leave the yield at 75 %
The last thing to change is the Hopped Extract value. This value needs to be calculated to get it to work correctly when using it as a recipe. The formula that I use is the Specified IBU's / (HME weight/Batch size).
For and example I will use the MB standard Oktoberfest.
SRM = 10
Potential = 1.036
Weight = 1.87lbs
Batch Size = 2 gallons
IBU's = 21.

So for the Hopped Extract value I do: 1.87/2 = .935 (you can remember and use this number), then 21/.935 = 22.45.

In my case I use 2.14 gallons so 1.87/2.14 = .873, then 21/.873 = 24.05 so I entered 24.

Now when I use the Oktoberfest in a recipe or just as its self I enter the amount as 1.87lbs and the IBU's will come out as 21. I also have my batch size set as 2.14 gallons. So I recommend using what ever you have your batch size set.

Any questions send me a pm.

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Took me a while to find this and apply it to BeerSmith 3.0 on iPad.

Super helpful - thank you.

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