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Charter House Honey Ale

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Based on the White House Honey Ale but a touch less honey...
started at around 1.050 for an SG...should be a good one!

has the following ingredients:

Steeped these for about 25 minutes:

75 lbs English Medium Crystal Malt
50 lbs Belgian Biscuit Malt


Then these items:

6.3 lbs Gold malt syrup
1 lb Gold dry malt extract
.75 lb Honey

And then some nice hops!

1.5 oz East Kent Goldings
1.5 oz UK Fuggles

My yeast was:

Wyeast #1332 Northwest Ale

Looks nice after sitting and letting the hops drop down a bit, should be a nice golden color, by the time i cold crash it !


Drinking a honey ale I made from the Jamaican Mon while making another beer...awesome night!


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