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West Coast HME

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I have an old Mr.Beer HME (West Coast Pale Ale). I have brewed 4 batches straight up and am ready to experiment. I REALLY want to try a hops boil with this HME. I have a Pale LME to boil hops in. Just wondering if anyone out there has a suggeston of what hops to use for this. I want to add some bitterness as well as flavor. I plan on dry hopping the last week of fermentation with .5oz of columbus hops. Very interested in what to boil before that to add bitterness and a little flavor???

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I made a really good brew a while back using the following recipe. If you try it let me know how you liked it. I found it to be just right.

1 can West Coast Pale Ale
1 LB Breiss Light DME
3/4 OZ Warrior pellet hops (16.5 AA) boiled at 40 minutes
1/2 OZ Cascade pellet hops (6.2 AA) boiled at 15 minutes
2 packets Mr Beer Fromunda yeast pitched at 61 degrees

Boiled 3 quarts water and 1 LB DME then added hops as noted above. Stirred in HME, topped off LBK to the bottom of the "Q" pitched yeast and fermented for 21 days. Bottled and conditioned for 5 weeks.
The method above will give you a somewhat bitter IPA style beer. If you dont want it to be as bitter just cut back on the hop boil times or amounts.
Since you have never done this I will mention that you should never boil your HME, only boil DME or LME.

Let us know how it turns out for you.

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