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West Coast Pale Ale HME

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I have an old Mr.Beer HME (West Coast Pale Ale). I have brewed 4 batches straight up and am ready to experiment. I REALLY want to try a hops boil with this HME. I have a Pale LME to boil hops in. Just wondering if anyone out there has a suggeston of what hops to use for this. I want to add some bitterness as well as flavor. I plan on dry hopping the last week of fermentation with .5oz of columbus hops. Very interested in what to boil before that to add bitterness and a little flavor???

Sorry I accidentally posted this in FAQ's too.

Thanks for the help!!

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Well, first, the WCPA is very accommodating to the citrus/grapefruit type hops. Whether we're talking Cascade, Centenniel, etc...those work well there.

Second, if you are talking about the old Mr. Beer WCPA...then that can - by itself - should register about 2.1% ABV and 22 IBUs


You said that you have a Pale LME. If you are talking about the new Mr. Beer LME products, then only 1 will raise your ABV to 3.1% and you still have 22 IBUs. At this stage, any hop boil could make that a really hoppy brew.

So here are a few suggestions:

1) Add 1 more Pale LME or DME (to your above proposal) in order to create a situation where you have more flexibility with a hop boil. This should get you closer to 4.2% ABV or so and it will under balance the hops enabling you to have more flexibility in a hop boil PLUS it will add more substance to the beer.

2) Go forward with this as is and - in order to just get a feel for doing a hop boil - only do the boil at 15 (flavor) or 5 (Aroma) minutes and do a very small portion of hops

You currently have 0.5 oz of Columbus which you can dry hop for 5 or 6 days. This will bring aroma. Columbus is described as:

Aroma: pungent, citrus

I would look at the following hops for a 22 minute flavor boil or 7 minute aroma boil (personally I'd err on the side of flavor here...but that's my own personal thought)

Cascade Pellet Hops
Cascade is an aroma variety with well-balanced bittering potential. It is the most popular hop with the craft brewing industry and is good for dry hopping
Aroma: flowery, citrusy, grapefruit


Centennial Pellet Hops
Centennial hops are popular among craft brewers, sometimes called a super Cascade. It is typically used in American ales and has also been used with American wheat beers. The hop was named for the Washington State Centennial Celebration.

Aroma: floral, citrus


Falconer's Flight Pellet Hops
This novel proprietary pellet blend is comprised of many of the Northwest’s most unique hop varieties and is perfect for any Northwest-style IPA. Each hop has been hand selected for its superior aromatic qualities, imparting distinct tropical, citrus, floral, lemon, and grapefruit tones.

Aroma: tropical, citrus, floral, lemon, grapefruit


Pacific Jade Pellet Hops
The aroma of this hop is described as “bold” as it delivers a herbal infusion of fresh citrus and crushed black pepper. Brewing trials have illustrated Pacific Jade as an excellent hop that delivers a pleasing soft bitterness matched to desirable aroma characteristics.

Suited for use as a bittering hop with some excellent results also being seen in dual purpose applications, with a soft bitterness attributable to the low cohumulone. The citrus aroma and flavor notes work well to temper malt sweetness in “fullish” Ales especially when used moderately as a finishing hop. Pacific Jade is also well suited to balance dryer Lager styles when employed as an “up-front” kettle addition to showcase its bittering qualities.

Aroma: bold, citrus, black pepper


Smaragd Pellet Hops
This hop, also known as Emerald, has fruity and flowery notes. Smaragd is the European response to varieties like Simcoe and Amarillo. It has a more prominent nose than most European varieties, but the fruitiness is more subdued and the overall impression is balanced and refined with a slight nuance of spice. Its medium bitterness allows use in the boil kettle. Also great for dry hopping. It shows hints of lemon and orange marmalade. Great for Ales, Alts, and Kölsch beers.

Aroma: fruity, floral


Summer Pellet Hops (1 oz) [07165]

Summer is a unique seedless aroma hop developed and grown in Australia. Summer provides distinctive light apricot and melon fruit notes nicely balanced by a background hop character which can be used to great effect in many beer styles.
Aroma: light apricot, melon fruit

In my estimation...any of those might work with the WCPA. Amazing how many ways you could go. YEAHHHH BEER!!!

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I am talking about the old WCPA, the exact one you linked to. That is some great advice! Thanks...this is exactly what i was looking for!

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