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An interesting twist on NW Pale Ale

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So, I bought one of those 4 banger packs and the NW Pale Ale was one of the beers in there. Well frankly I already had Pale Ale and while my wife loves it, it is not my favorite. I prefer something that bites back! So, I decided to up the ante by increasing the alcohol and doing a bit of hop action. I split the difference between following the recipe and ignoring it all together to try to preserve some of the character of the original brew. So while I will probably catch a bunch of flack for boiling hops with no malt, I'll willingly take the beating to present this very interesting glass of beer.
To 2 cups of water I added 1/2 cup of Clover Honey and 1/2 cup of Dark Brown Sugar (Fair trade Organic no less!). I added 1/2 oz Chinook Hops and boiled for 1/2 hour (the honey and the brown sugar really do give the oil from the hops something to stick to at a slow, low boil). As soon as the boil was over I removed the Chinnok hops and added the HME and 1/2 oz of Cascade hops. This steeped until cool enough to pitch the yeast and stayed in the fermenter for the entire course of the fermentation process (dry hop). This fermented for, well, it was supposed to be 3 weeks, but due to life getting in the way it was 3 1/2 weeks. It was bottled on 4/26 and conditioned until yesterday when it went into the fridge on 5/22 and opened today on 5/23.
This is a very interesting glass of beer. The head is very good with excellent effervescence (followed recommended priming). The first notice is the nose. It is very big and hoppy! Not sure I was going to be a fan at first. I thought maybe I went to far. But either it is good or the 5.8% ABV is affecting my judgement! It has an almost piney taste for a brief moment, then follows with a long citrus (grapefruit) finish. Overall, if you like IPAs, this would be a recipe you might be interested in, if you do not like IPAs, you will probably hate it! :) The color is a nice caramel and I have had this glass poured for about 1/2 hour and still have a ring of residual head around the outside with plenty of bubbles still coming up. I wopuld do this again!

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